Friday, July 2, 2010

CSN Review Coming

It's a lamp Lighthouse! How cute!
I was contacted by Caitlin of CSN Stores, and I have to say, I was quite surprised at how many varying items they have. 

It seems like if you want it, they got it. Plus, a lot of their items seem to have free shipping! CSN Stores consists of well over 200 stores, with products like Lights (with some pretty neat lamps, like the one to the right) and the always fantastic, Bookcases (as well as a bunch of other things!!)

I've got to admit, the bookcases automatically drew my eye. I've got quite a few stacks of books in my room that need a home (because I don't think a floor really counts as a bookshelf, no matter how much I like to delude myself).

Oooh! That's neat!
Whoa! I wonder what it would look like with books??
I'll be reviewing some type of bookshelf soon at YA Book Queen (once I find the right one!). Be sure to check out CSN Stores! You might find something you like :)

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