Friday, April 22, 2011

Pretty Little Liars: Happy Earth Day

Last year, I participated in a game hosted by ABC Family for the TV series Pretty Little Liars (my full recap of the experience can be found here). In OctoberNovember, December, JanuaryFebruary, and March, the ever-so devious "A" sent some surprising gifts with teasers for the show. 

I got something from "A" once again, and she made sure I'd have to dig for the truth....

Click here or watch in the embedded video below to get the dirt for Season 2 from Pretty Little Liars Executive Producer Marlene King!

I cannot wait for season 2 - I need my PLL fix! I've had nothing interesting to watch since the finale...thankfully, the premiere of Season 2 (and the release of Season 1's DVD) is only a few months away :)

What do you think "A" will do this next season? It sounds like she'll be stirring up trouble...but that's why we love her ;)



  1. I'm done the guessing game with A! She always throws me for a loop. I can't wait for season 2 either ^-^

  2. Love the TV series and should probably read the books.