Thursday, April 21, 2011

Character Interview + Giveaway: Henry from Through Her Eyes

Henry, one of the characters from Through Her Eyes, is here today to answer some of my pesky questions! 

Henry, quick! Describe yourself in seven words or less!

1.      Misunderstood
2.      Secretive
3.      Lonely
4.      Tormented
5.      Smart

What’s the best memory you have from your life?
By far, my best memory is the moment at the bridge when Bell agreed to run away with me. I knew then that she loved me more than her family, her friends . . . and Daniel. I knew that when I showed her the world, she would finally realize that the two of us were meant for so much more than Cedar Canyon had to offer, with its small minded people, none of whom had ever experienced an original thought.  

I know that you're a bit of a musician! What other kind of talents did you have?
I was an artist – a musician, a painter and a poet – but an academic, as well. When it became apparent that I knew more than my teachers at Cedar Canyon High, I stopped attending school and proceeded to educate myself through self-assigned reading and study. I was also able to “read” people – to see past the facades they presented to the world to their true feelings and motivations. This ability made me aware of Daniel’s hidden feelings for Isabel, which in turn, changed the course of our friendship. I knew then that I had no choice but to separate them, even though they both denied having any romantic feelings for each other.

So Henry, how did you meet Isabel and Daniel?
The three of us were born in Cedar Canyon. My father was a very successful rancher and when I was four years old, he built a new house for our family on land located across a field from Isabel’s father’s farm. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know Isabel. We grew up playing together every day, because we lived so close. We had no other neighbors nearby, and as a consequence, we were each other’s only playmates. Except for when Daniel visited her house, that is. Daniel’s folks and Isabel’s were best friends, so he was often around. I met him for the first time when I was only five years old – so young, I barely remember the encounter. Later, the three of us attended school together. And when Daniel was eight-years-old and I was nine, I saved his life.

And now for the very random yet slightly thoughtful question: If you were a color, what color would you be and why?
I would be gray. The color conjures images of brooding storm clouds and turbulence – the way I often felt inside, although I would deny it if you were to tell anyone. However, gray also denotes intellect – brains or gray matter, and while people, living and dead, have described me in less than flattering terms, they could never deny my intelligence. Also, gray seems incredibly unsure – hovering between darkness and light. I never admitted it to anyone other than Isabel, but I also suffered uncertainties and self-doubts. And that is why I needed her so much.

Thank you so much to The Teen Book Scene and Jennifer Archer for the fun interview, and for providing the prize for the fabulous giveaway (see below for rules/entry form)!

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