Saturday, September 26, 2009

Interview: The Hollow by Jessica Verday

1. What happens to start off The Hollow? What makes this novel interesting?

THE HOLLOW starts off with the presumed death and viewing/memorial of Abbey's best friend, Kristin Maxwell. I think it's interesting because it shows the sudden struggle and questions that Abbey has to deal with when her best friend vanishes and leaves nothing behind but secrets.

2. What is Abbey like?
Abbey is a girl who really loves her hometown. She loves living in Sleepy Hollow, and above all, she loves her best friend. She's a perfumer in her spare time, and dreams of one day opening up her own perfume shop downtown on Main Street.

3. So dish, who is Caspian, and what is he like?
Caspian is an artist. He loves to draw and uses charcoal. It's a habit he picked up from working at a tattoo shop. He's quiet and mysterious, creative, and has the greenest eyes you've ever seen.

4. This novel takes place in Sleepy Hollow. Why did this town appeal to you?
I love the legend. I love the fall and leaves and pumpkins and Halloween. I love the atmosphere - that instant spooky feeling you get when you think of the Headless Horseman. After I visited the real town of Sleepy Hollow, I knew it was the perfect setting.

5. The Hollow took (according to your website) eighteen months, thirteen spiral bound notebooks and fifteen pens to write. Was this an easy novel to keep yourself invested in, or was it difficult to keep it going?
I'm not someone who likes to write every single day. Often, I would let weeks go by without writing a single thing. But the flip side of that, is if you let too much time pass, you run the risk of completely losing the story. There were times when I had to force myself to get back into it, and other times when I couldn't wait to write the next chapter. It varied from day to day.

6. Are you currently working on the next book in the trilogy? Anything you can share?
I just finished book two, and it was a blast to write. Everything changed on me about halfway through the book, and it really stepped up a notch. I can't wait for next year to share it with everyone.

7. Is the necklace on the cover in the novel? What do you think of the cover?
The necklace on the cover is based on a necklace in the novel. Although not identical, I think the whole mood of the cover fits really well with the scene they were basing it on. I think the cover is gorgeous. (And I am always very flattered whenever people think that it's me on the cover!)

8. Anything else you'd like to add?
Thanks for having me! It was lovely to stop by.

Thanks Jessica! I just finished with The Hollow a few days ago, and can't wait to post my review!



  1. I have this book too but haven't had a chance to get to it. Can't wait to read it. I thought it was cool how she kept all her notebooks and pens that she used to write the draft. Great interview!

  2. This sounds amazing. Caspian! Artists are so incredible.

    I love that it's placed in Sleepy Hollow, it sounds so fun!

  3. I almost have to read this book just for the scene that the cover was based on.
    And I am intrigued by this caspian.
    Great interview!