Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top Ten Books On My Spring To-Be-Read list

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1.  Insurgent by Veronica Roth - I'm pretty much counting the days until this one releases, and when it does, it's first on my TBR list.

2.  Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore - Same as above.

3.  The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - Confession: I have never read a Neil Gaiman book. I feel like it's time that I fix that.

4.   Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson - I've left this one sitting on my shelf for a long time. This spring, it will be read.

5.  The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancy - This one seems like an interesting book. Plus, it has a Printz honor, so it must be great.

6.  Blackbringer (Dreamdark #1) by Laini Taylor - I loved Daughter of Smoke & Bone and enjoyed Lips Touch Three Times, so I'm sure I'll enjoy this one too!

7.  Partials by Dan Wells - This is definitely on my TBR list, on my Kindle, and waiting patiently for me to have the time to read.

8.  The Probability of Miracles by Wendy Wunder - Amazing reviews for this one! Hopefully the story lives up to them.

9.  Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins - Anyone remember that cliffhanger from Demonglass? Yeah. That was intense. I'm so curious how this one will turn out.

10.  Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally - Can't go wrong with a contemporary novel :)

What's one book on your spring TBR list?


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  1. Awesome list! Bitterblue and Insurgent are one my list too! May is waaaay to far away. I also can't wait to get my greedy little hands on Partials :D Great picks!

    All the best ♥
    Top Ten Tuesday

  2. Great list. I CANNOT wait for Insurgent, partials on my TBR. Already read Spellbound, it's amazing!

  3. Bitterblue and Insurgent? We definitely agree there. I still have to read Fire though! :O

    And I have Partials and Catching Jordan sitting in my kindle, just waiting to be read. I HAVE to get to them soon. And The Prob. of Miracles! I badly want to read that book. There are sososo many excellent reviews for this one, talking about how impressive and moving it is.

    AND SPELL BOUND. I don't think there's a book blogger alive who isn't excited for this final installment.


  4. Grad Student @ Young Adult Fiction and Whiskey SoursMarch 20, 2012 at 4:39 AM

    The Graveyard Book is so so lovely (and creepy). You can find Gaiman reading it outloud on video online! Once you are done, move on to Stardust :-)

    Great list!

  5. I've got Insurgent and Spell Bound on my spring TBR list too. I still need to read Catching Jordan and I want to try Partials and The Probability of Miracles also. I did read Chains and it was good. I haven't read the sequel yet.

  6. I've never read anything by Neil Gailman either but if I were to it would definitely by The Graveyard Book.

  7. I can't wait for Insurgent and I need to read Catching Jordan and The Probability of Miracles. I've read such good things about that one. I have never read Neil Gaiman either.
    But I read an incredible review of it and I am definitely going to read it.
    I haven't read Demon Glass so Spell Bound isn't really at the top of my list.


  8. YEAH INSURGENT!!! So excited for that one and Spell Bound, those are two of my favorite series. I absolutely adored Catching Jordan, can't wait to read your thoughts on it Lea!

  9. Catching Jordan is really good, you're gonna love it! And I want to read The Probability of Miracles, too - the reviews have been amazing!

  10. You're not alone, I've never read a Neil Gaiman book either. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that one. :]

  11. I can't wait for Insurgent .. Divergent was pure awesomeness and one of my favourite dystopians !!
    Bitterblue looks gorgeous !!I still have to read Graceling and Fire but I'm sure I'll love them..
    Great list Lea :)!

  12. Can't wait for Bitterblue! And Catching Jordan is such a fun book. :) Happy reading!

  13. You should read 'Neil Gaiman - Star'. That's such a sweet book ^^