Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Queen's Library (43): Spring / Summer Books

For Review: Print Books

White Hot Kiss
Exo (unsolicited)
Defector (unsolicited)
Artemis Awakening (unsolicited)
Take Me On

Purchased: Hardcovers + Paperbacks

Siege and Storm paperback
Ruin and Rising Collector's Edition

I wasn't going to get the S&S paperback, but then I noticed my blog name was in the back, so I had to buy it!

Gifted for Graduation

The Lost
We Were Liars
The Bone Season
Water For Elephants
Dreams Of Gods and Monsters

My parents bought me a few books after graduating with a BA in English Literature in May (and because I received a 4.0 GPA for the spring semester - YAY! So great to see all of that work pay off)! Now to continue on to the Master's's going to be a lot of work, but I'm excited.

Purchased: eBooks on sale

Find Me
Maybe One Day
Nantucket Blue
This is Not a Test
The Almost Truth
Tiger Lily
Lamb to the Slaughter

Won (not pictured)

Don't Look Back from IceyBooks' twitter giveaway 
Body & Soul from Stacey Kade

Thanks to Icey Books + Hafsah, and Stacey Kade!

Weekly Recommendation

Charm & Strange


  1. Oh, I'll have to click over to your review of Charm & Strange! I just picked it up a few weeks ago! Also excited for Afterworlds and The Lost and Conversion!

  2. Awesome haul! I'm so eager to read so many of the books you got. Can't wait to hear what you think of them.

  3. Please excuse this but OMG THAT COPY OF EMMA IS SO PRETTY AND GORGEOUS AND WHERE DID YOU GET IT?! Sorry-I have a soft spot for Austen books with great covers lol. Great books over all, though, and I really need to look into Charm & Strange. So many people love it!

  4. Yay :D LOTS of amazing books. <3 Awesome post sweetie. I hope you love all the books that you got :) I have only read Siege and Storm + Ruin and Rising, but love those books so much. <3 And yess. I'm in the paperback too :D Isn't it awesome? Hih.

  5. afterworlds sounds good! hope you enjoy and have a great coming week.

  6. Wow- so many awesome books and your name is in Siege and Storm?! That's awesome! I also have a copy of Tiger Lily that I am hoping to get around to and Conversion sounds awesome…can't wait to hear what you think of that. Enjoy your books!