Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Nine Paths to Chloe King: The Ninth Path


The Ninth (and Final!) Path

The last path instructions (ctrl-click photos to open larger pic):
I decoded the symbols using the Book of Mai (YELTIHW), and then went to Rezza's website armed with my newly discovered password:
Next, I found a list of emails in a lot of different languages. To save some time, I copy/pasted the list into Google Translate. I set the languages from Russian to English (since the Mai told me it would be Ukrainian or Russian - both worked for her email) and found Chloe's email near the bottom. 
The number next to her email also matched a number stamped on the bottom of her birth certificate! :)
I sent an email to warn Chloe to "TRUST NO ONE", and received an auto-reply back saying:
"Hey there! I'm not checking emails at the moment! Between school, birthday and my crazy life I'm a bit busy! Promise I will check in soon and get back to you!"
So much for warning her ;)

The Mystery Object
My mystery object was this adorable little baby shoe below:
The significance of it is the mystery surrounding Chloe's birth parents and her Ukrainian roots. A scene at the very end, Chloe's mother pulls out a box filled with information about Chloe's Ukrainian past (birth certificate, forms, little baby booties, and I think even a matryoshka doll). It's even more significant because Chloe's mother claimed to not know much about Chloe's roots, and it seems like she's been holding out this info...

Speaking of the show, the first episode of The Nine Lives of Chloe King is available for free on iTunes! Snag it while you can! :)


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