Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Help pick a question to ask Alyssa Diaz from The Nine Lives of Chloe King!

Alyssa Diaz
For successfully completing The Nine Paths to Chloe King, the Mai are giving me the opportunity to submit a question to Alyssa Diaz (who plays Jasmine in The Nine Lives of Chloe King). Alyssa will then make a video response to the question! 

But honestly, I'm horrible at coming up with awesome questions. I've got a couple in mind, but nothing solid, and I want to make sure that my readers get the question they want. So that is where you (yes, I'm looking at you) come in! What question would you like to see Alyssa Diaz answer? What are you dying to know about the show/cast?

Leave your questions in the comments!
Deadline is up - I've randomly chosen one of the questions from those that were in the comments and sent via email.



  1. If you could have any supernatural ability that your character or any other character has, what ability would you want?

  2. Alyssa, how has Jasmine's role in the series been described to you, and how are you relating her as a character?


  3. Maybe something really simple like Give me 3 reasons why this is the new show to watch?