Friday, June 3, 2011

The Nine Paths to Chloe King: 4th & 5th Paths


The Fourth Path
A message from the Mai:  

The time has come to take the Fourth Path on your journey!

Then Nine Paths Prophecy tells us, "The Fourth Path will be a time of awakening. The Circle of Strangers shall face the greatest of unknowns: Those whose trust grows truly and those whose trust rains false."

Remove the Baby Bib from your Nine Paths box. Look at it carefully. You must translate the symbol and follow the path where it leads to find more information...

I checked the baby bib, and sure enough, it had an extra tag with a "TRUST" symbol on it (and thankfully a website written down too)!

I followed the link, and came across the page pictured below. If you choose to follow the path, click the photo below to visit the website and type the word "trust" into the VENDOR CODE section to watch a quick yet intriguing Chloe King video clip.

Click picture to visit the site and see the video - enter the code word "trust

The Fifth Path
"Circle! The time has come to take the Fifth Path! This is happening sooner than we, the Mai, anticipated. Those who would like to see the Nine Paths Prophecy denied are hunting for The Uniter! 

The Nine Paths Prophecy warns, 'The Fifth Path will shine a light on a deceiver. The Circle must keep an eye on this imposter and slow his chase by creating many false roads away from the one.' 

We, the Mai, have learned that a deceiver, Batko614, is on Twitter searching for Chloe King. In order to protect The Uniter, you must point Batko614 away from her. Please, lead Batko614 down a trail of lies and urge your Followers to misdirect him. Protecting The Uniter will take the Circle of Strangers another step closer to fulfilling the Nine Paths Prophecy."
So, I sent a message to @Batko614 and said a friend saw Chloe in San Francisco and it looked like she was on her way to a Giants game. 

There were some bizarre sightings of Chloe King: from the mall, Disneyland, Times Square, and even somewhere out at sea(?) -- this Batko614 does not stand a chance of finding her. Feel free to tweet your own sighting of #ChloeKing!

...The Fifth Path Continues...
Whoa, a double-task path! 

I received instructions to search for "Chloe's Crush" using GOOGLE search engine to find a hidden video clip:
Yeah. I need to learn to look, you know, everywhere. At least I only wasted ten minutes. It could've been worse ;)

And here is the ever-so-elusive video:

If you're not playing yet, start now (some of the challenges seem to differ a bit online, and the grand prize - for the first online player to complete all the challenges - is very awesome)!