Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's Talk: Book to Film Adaptations

What are your favorite and least favorite 
book to film adaptations, and why?

Harry Potter - The movies aren't exactly like the books, but they are filled with the same charm that the books have. Plus, there are some truly talented actors in the supporting roles.
Lord of the Rings - It's been a long time since I've read the books, so I can't say for sure if the movies are completely faithful. Regardless, the movies are epic and deserved the awards they won.

Water for Elephants - Great book, pretty good movie, but with some weak moments. The scenery was great, but there were certain actors that didn't quite pull of their characters.

Hated It 
Ella Enchanted - This book is so, so good. The movie, however, made it look like a joke. It took a charming story, changed and altered it, and essentially ruined it. Such a disappointment.


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  1. I loved Lord of the Rings although I haven't read the books.
    I think the Harry Potter movies did a great job with capturing the essence of the books.

  2. Oh gosh...SO with you on Ella Enchanted. That film just SUCKED royally!

    LOTR was even better than book - in my humble opinion, simply because I felt that the book was a bit dry for me haha

    Great response, Lea! Thanks for linking up!

  3. I loved Ella so it's good to hear the book is better. I should SO read it.

  4. Twilight was a good book, the movie COMPLETELY ruined everything for me, and they just got worse and worse, I hope they don't do the same for The Host. The Percy Jackson movie was semi-okay, Narnia wasn't that bad either, they didn't really capture the books but they weren't aweful, I also enjoyed the 'I Am Number Four' movie. But for me, the best book to movie adaptations are the Harry Potter movies, truly amazing. Haven't watched or read 'Water For Elephants' though, I'm guessing I should. Thanx for sharing, Lea.

  5. *ducks* *whispers* I haven't readHarryPotter... I know, totally bad of me! I only read The Sorceror's Stone but I definitely want to finish the series... at some point. I heart the movies though. I love the actors and the way the tone stops lightening and just gets darker and darker as the movies go on. AND LORD OF THE RINGS. Holy smokes, I loved that freaking movie series! I only read The Hobbit, but the movies are FANTASTIC. :DD

  6. I forgot about the travesty that was Ella Enchanted the movie. I adored the book and the movie was so :(:( I have not read/watched Lord of the Rings (for shame, I know) but maybe I'll have to get to it soon.

  7. I so agree about Ella Enchanted! I must have read that book a dozen times when I was growing up, but the movie tried to make it some screwball comedy. So disappointing!

  8. I thought every answer was perfect!

    Nobody mentioned Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? or Willy Wonka should I say, LOL.

    How about The Wizard of Oz? We forget sometimes that the movies we watched as children started out as wonderful books, often went to playwrights then to movie editions.

    That was a cool idea, Lea! Melissa, you came up with fantastic answers, I thought they were all spot on, LOL! Perfect and the ones I probably would've picked!