Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Nine Paths to Chloe King: 1st & 2nd Paths

I was invited by ABC Family to play in a game revolving around The Nine Lives of Chloe King (it looks like it's going to be awesome!) and I definitely couldn't pass up such a fun opportunity. In order to play the game, I was sent a game box to play The Nine Paths to Chloe King, filled with various clues and an iPad. 

My first two "paths" of the game have been completed, so I think it's time for a brief recap of those challenges and the interesting things the Mai have shared! :)

Path One

My first set of instructions were found in the "Notes" section (sorry for no picture - I couldn't take a decent one) informed me to fold back the corners of the "birth certificate" provided in my game box, and it revealed the words "SMILA UKRAINE. FIND THIS ON YOUR MAIMAP NOW"

Referring to the MaiMap app and clicking on the Smila, Ukraine, a message popped up:
"Success! The First Path travels through Smila, Ukraine! The city of Smila has a very interesting history. To complete this Path, find the meaning of 'Smila'..."
Naturally, I Googled the answer. I then sent it along to the Mai (the lovely hosts of this game) via email: 

Answer: "The city of Smila was named for a local girl who guided the Kievan Rus army to invaders during the Golden Horde raids. They defeated these invaders, but the girl had unfortunately died from an enemy arrow. Her name was never known, but when later settlers established a city, they named it "Smila" (meaning "Brave girl") in her honor."1

The Mai sent me a picture of Uniter Scroll in return, for completing the challenge (pictured above - click to enlarge). 

Path Two
An email arrived on my MaiPad2 with a picture and instructions to answer these three questions, and then search YouTube with the three one-word answers:    

1.  What is the ancient Egyptian name for this statue?

2.  What very warm and bright star did ancient Egyptians originally connect to this statue?

3.  What city in Egypt contained a "cult" that was dedicated to the Goddess connected to this statue?

Answers (highlight to see): Bastet, Sun, Bubastis

After typing these three words into YouTube, it brought me to this very intriguing video:

Next two paths recap will go up later this week! But in the meantime, are you playing? Don't forget that one grand prize winner* who plays online will win a trip to the set of The Nine Lives of Chloe King! Click the photo below to start playing:

Click picture to start playing at ABC Family's website!


1 - Info courtesy of Wikipedia
2 - iPad (aka MaiPad) was provided by ABC Family in the Game Box that they sent to participants of the Nine Paths to Chloe King game free of charge. 
* US citizen, 13 yrs or older for the Grand Prize - check the Official Rules for more info. 


  1. this is so fun!! i really need to start playing!

  2. Cool! Keep us updated, I love seeing all the clues.

  3. Wow, this is so cool! I'm heading to ABC Family now, thanks so much for sharing Lea!