Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cover Contests End Dates Extended

If you've been checking out the blog for the past week, you might have noticed that a lot of SHIFT/SHADE giveaways have been happening in honor of SHIFT's release last week. Two of those contests are Cover Recreation Contests -- and so far, I've got one entry for each (JL, you seriously rock).

But, in the spirit of giving this entrant a bit more competition, I'm extending the cover contests for another week or so. 

It's open to US and Canada (if you live elsewhere and have someone I can send the prize to - and then they'll send it your way - feel free to enter)

For info about the prizes and rules, check out the official posts:
So if you're feeling artsy, make a cover and enter for your chance to win prizes! Seriously, your odds of winning are pretty good considering you only have one person as competition (so far). 

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