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Shift Blog Tour: Interview + Giveaway

Lea: Today's my stop for the official SHIFT Blog Tour, hosted by For What It's Worth. I'm a huge fan of SHADE (the first book), and SHIFT did not disappoint. For my stop, I got the chance to interview Jeri once again....So welcome, Jeri!

Jeri: Thanks to Lea for hosting me today on the SHIFT blog tour! After the post, check out your chance to win books and a special prize.

Quick! Describe SHIFT in 7 words or less!
Ghosts, secret agents, most awkward prom ever.

In comparison to the first novel, was it an easier or more difficult experience writing SHIFT?
Much harder. Second books in a series, in my experience, are the hardest to write. It's enough to make me want to write stand-alone novels for the rest of my life! Third books, for some reason, are a little easier.

The first chapters of sequels are particularly difficult, because you have to get the story moving while reminding readers of (or introducing new readers to) your world and the characters, AND what happened in the first book. I rewrote SHIFT's chapter one several times before I got it right. But once I found its true form, I was really happy with it.

But because SHIFT was harder to write, it makes it even happier that most readers (who've contacted me, at least) feel that it's an even better book than SHADE. I very much want my latest book to be the best one I've ever written.

What was your favorite part to write in SHIFT? Can you share a little excerpt of it?
My favorite sequence was probably the prom, because it was fun to write the characters just as regular teens, apart from The Big Mystery and all the paranormal stuff. I've already shared the Zachary-in-a-kilt bit in an earlier tour stop, so I'll give you this (hopefully non-spoilery) teaser. It takes place toward the end of the night, a few minutes after the Prom King and Queen (not Zachary and Aura, obviously) have been announced. They are no each other's dates.
Zachary angled his body toward the center of the floor. "Will you dance with me?"

My face flared hot. "I think this dance is supposed to be for them."

Principal Hirsch spoke into the microphone. "Everyone is now welcome to join the royal couples on the floor."

Zachary reached for my hand. "Please."

I struggled to breathe. "What's the point?"

He dropped his hand, but stepped close so his mouth was at my ear. "The point is that we want to."
Do you have something unique in common with any of your characters (an unusual quirk/habit/talent)? If so, what is it?
Early in SHADE, Aura's eyes are too puffy from crying over Logan's death for her to wear her contacts, so when she and Zachary go to visit their advisor, she wears her glasses. But it's sunny, so she puts on a pair of sunglasses in front of her regular glasses, so that she's wearing two pairs simultaneously. I do that, too (too cheap to buy prescription sunglasses), and feel like a "gold-medal dork" just like she does.

Who is your absolute favorite ghost (I'm personally partial to Casper - he's so darn cute!)?
I love Riley from Alyson Noel's IMMORTALS series. I was so excited when she got her own series, and I can't wait to read them!

Giveaway: Leave a comment or a question for Jeri below to enter today's drawing. (She's away from home most of Monday—on a research expedition for SHINE—but will return this evening to answer questions if there are any). There will be two winners.

The Prizes:
  • Winner #1 gets a signed copy of SHIFT, plus a Keeley Brothers button (autographed on the back by Jeri)
  • Winner #2 gets an unsigned copy of SHIFT, courtesy of Jeri's publisher
Additionally, all commenters will be entered into a draw to win the Grand Prize - annotated copies of SHADE and SHIFT, an early copy of SHINE (book three of the series, of which there will be no other ARCS) and an iPod Shuffle!

Open to international entries! Winners will be drawn after 24 hours.


Author Bio: Jeri Smith-Ready's latest release is SHIFT (May 3), the second in the YA ghost trilogy that began last year with SHADE (now out in paperback). She loves to hear from readers, so please visit her at, or better yet, on Facebook ( or Twitter (@jsmithready), where she spends far too much time.


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  65. Wow, I can't believe all these wonderful comments! Thanks, Lea, for hosting today's stop, and thanks to everyone who stopped by. :)

    Shalena: Were the SH- titles (Shade, Shift, Shine) planned from the beginning or were they some kind of happy accident?

    My original title for the series/first book was GENERATION GHOST, but I was asked to change it, so I came up with SHADE and SHIFT. When I started writing SHIFT, I came up with the Shine phenomenon, and voila! There was the third title. (I only sold the first two books on the first contract, then two more books--SHINE and another to-be-determined-but-not-a-SHADE-book YA--on another contract earlier this year.

    Vivien asked:What were some rejected Titles for the upcoming last novel?


    Just kidding (obviously, right?). Everyone loved SHINE from the moment I suggested it, so there were no rejected titles.

    TheJay2XA:what made you pursue writing?

    I loved doing it! That's the only reason to start writing. Obviously I started it as a side thing while I worked my day jobs and went to school. But I always had as a goal being a professional writer (i.e., feeding myself and paying the rent/mortgage with it).

    Patricia M:Do you have any other YA series in mind after you finish Shine?

    I have one more book in my contract after SHINE, so I'm brainstorming a couple of stand-alone novel ideas. I'm very excited to do a stand-alone again after writing three series in a row.

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  68. Aube:Do you know if Shade will publish in France ?

    We haven't sold the French language rights to the SHADE series yet, but my adult vampire series will be published in French within the next two years.

    Christinabean:do you have a routine when you are writing at your computer? Say, you get set up with a favorite snack, drink, inspiration inducing mantra

    Typically I find five or six CDs that work really well for that book, and I play them all in the same order each time I sit down to write. I often start with one game of Spider Solitaire to settle myself down and let my brain soak in the music. (Yes, I can play just one game--it's not fun enough that I have to play over and over and over again. ;-)

    Kryskat:I'm just wondering if you listen to music when you write and if so what type of music?

    Yes, all the time! I typically listen to indie/alternative music, but if I'm having a hard time focusing, there's nothing like an action-movie score to get my mind in the right place.

    Thanks for all the great comments and questions! I'll check back in the morning to see if there are any more to answer. Good night, all!

  69. Hi :)
    Thank you to Jeri for the interview & for taking the time to answer the questions in the comments! I was intrigued by Jeri's research expedition for SHINE...
    Thank you again Jeri!
    All the best,
    PS- I would love to read a stand-alone novel by you, HOWEVER, your characters are so good that I am positive READER & PUBLISHER DEMAND will want more of whoever you let loose upon us...

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    And thank you Jeri for your answer! It is cool to see how things like titles are different from the beginning of the process to the end.

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