Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pretty Little Liars: Happy Valentine's Day

Last year, I was part of a game hosted by ABC Family for the TV series Pretty Little Liars (my final recap of the experience here). In OctoberNovember, December, and January, I found some wicked surprises in the mail from PLL's evil brilliant character "A" 

And just yesterday, I got another surprise from "A" in honor of Valentine's Day:

The chocolate link led to....This Video

And can I just PLL is currently my newest TV obsession? Seriously, did anyone catch Monday's episode - whoa!!! Just when I think I know everything, they go and throw in some new characters (loving Caleb) and new twists! =)

Want to catch up on the most recent episodes? Head over to ABC Family's website to watch!



  1. Loving Pretty Little Liars! Especially Caleb :)

  2. OMG how flipping cute is that? LOVE it.

  3. All these PLL posts are so kool! Loving all the gifts from 'A' :)

    Mia @ GrippedintoBooks

  4. PLL is one of my guilty pleasures. So cool you got all that stuff!