Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Invitation Only by Kate Brian

Book: Invitation Only (Private series #2)
Author: Kate Brian (aka Kieran Scott)
Source: own
My Summary (Spoilers for first book!):
The newest addition to Billings, Reed's finally on top...sort of.

Even though she's a part of Billings, Reed has to play Cinderella for the rest of her new dorm-mates. That means cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. To make everything worse, Reed's boyfriend Thomas is still missing. Add to that a malicious roommate who snaps some very incriminating photos of you at a party, and you've got the worst luck ever.

In order to keep those photos out of the hands of the administration (which would result in saying 'bye 'bye Easton Academy), Reed has to spy on her four friends. The deeper she looks into their rooms, the more dirty little secrets she finds, and she starts feeling guilty. Because she knows one thing: Only the Billings Girls can get her into the Legacy, the most exclusive party of the year. A party where her missing boyfriend is bound to make an appearance.

So what does she do? Spill their secrets and keep her spot at Easton? Or keep silent, risking everything, to remain loyal to the girls who can help her have a future, and find her boyfriend?
Review: With the second installment in the Private series, Reed finds herself a Billings Girl (or kinda their own personal slave). But Reed is persistent, biting her tongue as she works her way through this all. I've got to hand it to the girl, I would not have nearly enough patience that she exudes. To top everything off, she's hurt and confused about Thomas being missing, and angry that he even left. To put it bluntly, Reed is having a really bad time (blackmail, missing boyfriend, cleaning duty).

As the tension builds up to the final chapters, the end will come as a surprise. I've got to say, reading this book again has me appreciating all the subtle hints that Brian drops (especially for future books), and I can't believe I never noticed them all before.

If you want an addictive series that's filled with suspense, mystery and cliffhanger conclusions, then try out the Private series.

Highlights: I've said it time and time again that suspense is what Brian excels at. She knows how to slowly build her way up to the final twists, and she does leave hints for readers to grasp at.

Lowlights: Ah, Reed...I just want her to grow some backbone and stick up for herself!


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  1. Superb review! I have heard of this series before but I've never read any of these books. It sounds like a great series. I may have to pick up a copy of the first book :)

  2. Wimpy girls make me annoyed, too! Great review, Lea! :)

  3. I do want an addictive series! I've never heard of these books before so thanks for this review, I'll have to check the first one out. Reed does sound like she'll be a little frustrating in this second book, I always want to yell at the heroines to stick up for themselves as though they'll actually hear me:)

  4. Then you'll firstly love then hate how much she changes i think i read up to book 5? they didn't have the others in my library i need to buy the series, i love them very suspenseful right?

  5. Love suspense--definitely going to give this series a try. Thanks for the review. - Stasia

  6. Haven't read this but looks good although girls without a backbone are annoying to me to.

  7. Sounds like my kind of series, I really wan to pick up the books one day.