Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wildwing by Emily Whitman

Book: Wildwing  
Author: Emily Whitman
Release: September 21, 2010
Pages: 320
Source: Publicist
My Summary:
Adelaide "Addy" has grown up only knowing the life her mother has, a life full of hard work and serving others. So when the spunky girl gets stuck being a maid in Mr. Greenwood's home, she's not too thrilled because not only is she missing out on her opportunity to play the queen in her school play, she's not allowed to even continue school.

But then Addy discovers a lift in the middle of a room Mr. Greenwood always keeps locked. When she steps inside, she accidentally presses a button and is whisked back in time. People mistake her for Lady Matilda there, and Addy isn't too keen on correcting them. In this century, everyone treats her like a queen. Life could be absolutely perfect for Addy here.

But then she meets Will, and suddenly everything gets a bit more complicated. Now, Addy has to decide: Stay and live a life of luxury, but a life that she can't agree with, or try to find her way back to a life she was dying to escape from only weeks before?
Review: Wildwing is filled with lively scenes, exceptional characters, and a protagonist that really grows throughout the story.

Addy starts off seeming a bit immature, with some spunk and sass to her personality as well (thankfully, because it made her all the more interesting). But hey, you can't blame the girl for acting her age. Growing up 1913, Addy is a bastard daughter, living in poverty and she's bullied consistently by the richer girls, so it's easy to sympathize. When she lands herself in the past, it was humorous to be just as clueless with her as to the normal customs in 1240. Her mistakes were refreshing, and her growth throughout the story was wonderful to follow.

Life seems to jump off the pages and Whitman makes Wildwing rich with enough detail without it being overbearing. The falcons, the history, the characters, the story...I loved every second of diving into history with Addy. If you're a fan of historical YA, then you'll probably thoroughly enjoy Wildwing.

Highlights: The characters were all so very unique from one another. I loved Mr. Greenwood and would have enjoyed more of him; Will was wonderful as well; Sir Hugh was vulgar and almost vile (well, to me anyway). But the falcons, they fascinated me so much. Whitman pulls off scenery and characters so flawlessly in Wildwing, it's easy to lose yourself in her words and the story. I really enjoyed the time travel method as well, it was a bit different than what I usually read. 

Lowlights: I wasn't too fond of the ending (not that it's bad, but a bit obvious), but I guess it works out the way it should.




  1. Thanks for the review! I haven't heard about this one until now, but sounds like a book I'd enjoy :)

  2. Nice review. Another one to be added to my tbr list.

  3. It's too bad the ending is so obvious. I have this on my TBR pile, just waiting to be read :)

    Great review, Lea!

  4. Great review! I love the cover. =)

  5. I just finished this. Good book. Great review :)

  6. Awsome. This sounds so good. I wanted to read this as soon as I saw the beautiful cover and the fun description. And time traveling is fun! :) Great review.

  7. Great review! I think I can guess the ending, but I'm putting this on my TBR list--so my kind of book!

  8. This sounds fab and the cover is really really cool.

  9. I don't read too many books about time travelling so am intrigued by this one.

  10. Too bad the ending didn't come through for you - but sounds like it still had a lot going for it!

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  11. Have never heard of WILDWING, but it sounds like a fun read! I'll have to check it out sometime. :)

  12. great review, i've been wondering what this one is like