Monday, October 19, 2009

Pretty Little Devils by Nancy Holder Review

Author: Nancy Holder

Source: Author
Some girls would kill to be part of the in crowd.

Popularity is the one thing Hazel wants....High school junior Hazel Stone is sick of being stuck with the c-listers. She'll do anything to be one of the Pretty Little Devils, her school's most coveted clique. The PLDS are famous for their secret soirees, held in the oversized suburban homes of the people they babysit for. So when Sylvia invites her to one of the PLD parties, Hazel couldn't be more thrilled!

Little does she know...

Hazel's new social status comes with a price. Sure, it's fun skinny-dipping in infinity pools and drinking the contents of well-stocked rec rooms...after the kids are in bed. But when the lights go out, this babysitter has to deal with more than monsters in the closet. Nasty things start happening. Frightening crank calls. A cat gone missing. Mysterious threats. It seems that someone's jealous of newly popular Hazel...Deadly jealous.

When other babysitters start turning up dead, Hazel has to figure out who to trust, before someone turns their backstabbing ways on her.
Review: Nancy Holder, you are the queen of mystery & suspense.

I'll admit it, I thought I had the killer pegged after only 100 pages in, and I wasn't swaying. Usually I rock at guessing the killers but, needless to say, I was so far off. So bravo, Nancy, you fooled me!

This novel kept me on my toes, wondering who would be next, who would be the next suspect. The crank calls were definitely eerie (I know I would flip out if some weirdo was crank calling me like that). Sylvia definitely has the group wrapped around her finger, even sweet little Hazel, who can't believe she's one of the PLD's. With every page, I was sucked in even more, bent on trying to figure out this mystery.

The PLD's look at one another differently, each wondering just who is the killer that has it in for them....and how far will they go?

Highlights: Oh, definitely the end. I still can't believe I didn't figure it out. Pure brilliance. I also liked how even though Hazel was dying to be a part of the group, she still did her own thing and wasn't completely wrapped around Sylvia's finger.

Lowlights: Hmm.......I've got no idea. This novel had fantastic suspense, mystery, intrigue, a little romance, it was amazing.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5


  1. Wow great review! I just got Possessions today, I'm really looking forward to reading all her books(:

  2. This sounds awesome too. I'm definitely going to find this one, because I love trying to figure out who the killer is too!

  3. ^I'm going to have to get this one too! I love guessing killers as well! (But I'm absolutely horrible at it. I always pin it on the good guy!)