Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Blog Survey Results

What can I say? I couldn't resist posting some of the statistics and highlights from my blog survey (plus, it's easier for me to reference this post instead of scrolling through a long list!)

Safe to say that YA Book Queen is read by mostly females ;)



Any Thoughts On How I Can Improve My Reviews?
"it's pretty elaborate. You cover everything a readers curious about, the wants to know with the "Highlights" & "lowlights" its pretty unique the way you write your reviews. Very helpful, especially the footnotes :)"
"I like how they're structured, but sometimes I think they're a little short."
"I like them because they are just the right length. And I love that you identify your highlights and lowlights."
"I think the length is good and I appreciate that you include a brief summary of the book first so I can know what I'm reading about before getting to your comments. Even if I don't have much time, your reviews are organized so that I can quickly make a decision whether I might be interested in the book."
"Longer reviews!"
"I do like longer reviews naturally because I love hearing your thoughts! Bring on the major honesty :)"
"Can't think of anything. They don't need to be longer unless you want them to be. But I think they're nice and concise. I LOVE your footnotes."
Hmm...interesting ;)

If You Answered "No", Why?
"Cause I'm not a good commenter"
"I only read via RSS feed your blog and don't take time to post comment...."
"Because I'm just a lurker looking for good books to read. :)"
"I read your posts through an email subscription"
"Good question Lea! lol I think its more about time... some days I can take a whole hour(s) to comment on my fave blogs. I WISH i could comment on all the blogs i like..."
"Because I suck and don't comment enough in general - it's got nothing to do with your blog. It's one of my new year's resolutions to start being more social and comment more, though :)" 
I suck at commenting too. It's definitely difficult, especially with all the great book blogs out there, so seriously don't even worry about it.  

What Do You Think Of YA Book Queen's Layout?
"Love the banner, but maybe the layout is a little too blue-focused? Another color would be nice :)"
"I like it I also like that you have a kind of mascot with the banner what I mean is I see it and know it's you"
"I love it, especially the header."
"I like the blue and the patterns used. It's very stately and recognizable."
"Clean and uncluttered. Easy to read and easy to find things."
"I love the simple layout- very easy to navigate. I also have this blog on my Google Reader, and the format works well there, too."
I'm sure Joni would be quite thrilled with amount of people who wrote in the survey that they love the header! 

Do You Like Seeing My Weekly Recommended Book In The Upper-Right Corner Of My Blog Each Week? Why, Why Not?
"Yes, it's one of the reasons I love your blog. It really helps in finding the next great book I missed, and saves the trouble of going through reviews to find five stars"
"Yeah! maybe you can add one of your qoutes at the bottom. like 'Matched is a dystopian novel I'll definitely be remembering for quite some time.' then I'd wonder why :)" 
"Yes, it's a nice touch - if that book is in my TBR pile I would be more likely to pick it up."
"Since I reed via RSS feed, i don't see it...Sorry. But it seems like a good idea!" 
"Yes, because duh, more books to read :)"
Whew. Glad I wasn't posting recommendations for nothing, and I absolutely love the one-liner excerpt idea! 


Anything I Can Do To Improve YA Book Queen?
"Post more often,"
"I think you could add older books you read."
"Not that I can think of..."
"Get nicer wallpaper"
That last one is so true & amusing. I couldn't stop laughing when I read it. I tend to pick whatever's available through Blogger for my background image because I'm terrible at creating anything nice. Trust me when I say that I am attempting to find something better! 

You guys are too sweet :)

Anything You Want To Add?
"YABQ was the first blog I started following, it really helped in bettering every book I read and encouraged me to start following other blogs and go into the blogging community. Thank you so much!"
"You are going to post the results, right?"
"I like this survey :)"
Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer my questions (and for insane amount of amazing praise and kind words). I was so stunned with the amount of survey participants who read regularly but lurk in the background rather than comment.  I wasn't aware YA Book Queen had that many "silent" readers, and it definitely strengthened my determination to keep this blog going. I'll try to use what I've learned from you readers to help make YA Book Queen a better blog this year. 

THANK YOU so much once again to the large group of people who took the survey. I highly appreciate it. 



  1. Interesting results. I will admit, I wasn't surprised that mostly females read the blog; I've seen in a lot of surveys that the majority of readers are females. We have to change that, lol!

  2. Longer reviews? Really. I disagree. I love the length of your reviews just the way they are! Don't change a thing.

    Oh and I was so excited to see such a strong 30+ reader base. Holla!

  3. Wow, what an interesting survey. I'm a follower and I'm a 40+ reader. Its nice to see I'm not the only oldie who enjoys Young Adult. Lol

  4. Interesting! That is pretty cool to find out how many people regularly read your blog but don't common. I'm sure it's true in the case of most people's blogs. Also, I actually kind of like your wallpaper, haha.

  5. Interesting that the age group is so equally balanced. I'm one of those who likes the lengths of your reviews. You hit all the main points I need to hear and I don't always have time to go through longer reviews. All the positive feedback is certainly not surprising!

  6. It's so cool that you posted the results. You inspired me to do a survey on my blog, because it is definitely an issue to try an get feedback when everyone is so scared of being honest. this way everyone can tell me what they really think anonymously. Thanks for the idea. Now I just have to convince my followers to take part in it.