Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top Ten Bookish Things That I'd Like To Own

1.  Bookshelves. ALL THE BOOKSHELVES. But then again, I currently have nowhere to put them...

2.  Better yet, a library. I would like to own a library. That would be epic. But also highly unlikely.

3.  Shakespearean Insults T-Shirt. I always joke that Shakespeare was a master of insults, so it seems fitting that I should have this shirt. 

4.  I'm a Keeper HP shirt. Everyone loves a Keeper ;)

5. Lord of the Rings Evenstar necklace. I've always loved Arwen's necklace, so it'd rock to own one. 

6.  Privateer's Wrap BraceletStag LocketDarkling Pendant. Basically, I want all the Grisha swag! 

Image from Leigh Bardugo's Website
7.  Book Map Poster. Not sure what book world, but it would be fun to have a bookish map on my wall. 

8.  Sprout Bookmarks: I first saw these on Juju's website, and I think they're so adorable! 

9.  TFioS Literary Locket: So cute! It would be fun to have something TFioS for when the movie comes to theaters.

10.  Book Purse:  I want a book purse so much. They're lovely!

What bookish things would you like to own?


  1. I would love to have a library room in my home like the mayor's wife in The Bookthief or on a grander scale Belle's library in Beauty and the Beast :)

    I have always wanted a map of Middle Earth to hang on my wall and I wouldn't mind an Arwen Evenstar necklace either even though I hardly ever wear necklaces. It is so pretty. So is the tiara.

    I agree about the book purses. If only they were easier to make, I'd make one myself out of a favorite book.

  2. I have the Evenstar necklace its absolutely stunning! Great list :)

  3. Yay! Thanks for the shout out. I adore my sprouts. They're the cutest best bookmarks ever.

    I need a book purse too.

    And this entire collection: http://outofprintclothing.com/shop/shop-by-title/library-card/

  4. Cool list. I hope to have a personal library in my house someday =) One can dream right? Love the idea of hanging a book map!! Also, that TFIOS locket is adorable. Here's a set of Divergent bracelets on my bookish thing list: http://etsy.me/1pec9wQ

    Amanda @ Born Bookish

  5. I would love more bookcases as well as a kindle fire

  6. It's like you stole the things I want from my brain. Seriously! LOL. I do have room for bookcases (kind of) but I keep buying the inexpensive ones and I really need better ones that don't fall apart and are taller.
    I want a map from a book as well. I would settle for any fantasy world I suppose. ;)
    Yes for all the Grisha swag!
    Awesome list!

  7. I need a library, gothic looking with ladders to get to the books!! DREAM ON CAROLINE!

  8. I'm in the same boat. I want all the bookshelves, but I have no where to put them in my house.
    I agree, it would be really cool to have a map from a book and hang it on the wall. It would be the best poster!
    My TTT

  9. Yes! A library full of gorgeous bookshelves. I am with you.

  10. Oh my goodness, that Keeper shirt! Love love love. And obvs I would love to own all the bookshelves and libraries, as well. Someday when we're rich and can afford the space to hold them, we will have the prettiest libraries, I'm sure! A girl can dream.