Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Interview + Giveaway: Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate discussing EVE AND ADAM

Thanks to the fabulous Ksenia from Macmillan, I had the pleasure of being able to interview Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate regarding their newly released novel, EVE AND ADAM! Prepare yourself to laugh, because these two are hilarious...

Quick! Describe EVE AND ADAM in 7 words or less!

K: It's a Biblical Sci-Fi Rom-Com Thriller.
M: Do hyphenated words count as one word or two?

Hmm, I'll say they count as one (and you two get bonus points for trying to sneak in extra words while not going over seven). 

What was the experience like writing EVE AND ADAM in comparison to your previous novels?

M: We have not written together, as a team, in something like a decade, since the ANIMORPHS-EVERWORLD era. And those were occasionally tempestuous times.
K:  Yes. Tempestuous. Which is why we refused at first to do it again, write together. It's been so peaceful around here.
M: But then our editor Jean Feiwel forced us to do it. By, you know, offering us money.
K: And she offered to cover the cost of marriage counseling so. . . And then, oddly enough, we got along great.
M: We've matured.
K: Right.

Where did you both get the idea to write a twist on the biblical story of Adam and Eve? 

K: Actually, Jean said, "I have an idea: EVE AND ADAM."
M: So, we said, cool, what's it about? And she was like, "Hey, why do you think I have you two bozos?" I may be paraphrasing there. Basically, we reworked Genesis slightly to make it about genetic engineering and hot guys. EVE AND ADAM is a romantic comedy about genetic engineering for the purpose of creating a very attractive guy. Some early reviewers are like, "Well, they didn't go very deep into bioethics." Which is definitely true. Because, you know: it's a rom-com.
K: If you want heavy bioethics buy Michael's BZRK.
M: Oooh, nice cross-promotion there, babe.

EVE AND ADAM has a very attention-grabbing first line - what are your thoughts on first lines, and how important are they to you when writing a story?

K: If not the first sentence then the first paragraph is very important. There are a lot of books in the store or library. Readers have choices, so it's helpful to grab the reader right off the bat.
M: We felt we needed a good first line for EVE AND ADAM since we were riffing on a little-known book with the opening line, "Let there be light!"
K: That's not actually the first line of the Bible. It's "In the beginning. . ."
M: The "Let there be light," line is better, actually. "In the beginning," is so obvious. Even better? "Let there be coffee! And, lo, there was coffee!"

What comes first for each of you when beginning a new project: characters, plot, snippets of dialogue, etc?

M: Story.
K: The feel of the language. Except that with THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN I had that story - a basically true story, from a newspaper clipping - going around in my head for years.
M: The truth is it's a little different with each project. I have a series I haven't started yet, and it began with me thinking how cool H.P. Lovecraft is.
K: With EVE AND ADAM we actually planned out the story, which is unusually organized for us. We didn't stick to the plan, but at least there was one.

Random Question: If you could spend 24 hours in as fictional character (from a book, movie, etc), who would you choose & why?

K:  Hmmm. I don't know. Fern from Charlotte's Web?
M: Because you love spiders so much? I'd be Jack Aubrey, from the Patrick O'Brian Master and Commander series. Because I would have a sword and get to fire cannon.
K: And that would be the maturing we spoke of earlier.
M: I could use my sword to kill spiders. You know what? You could be Eve from EVE AND ADAM and you could create the perfect guy who would be. . .
K: Sean Connery at about age 40? Tom Selleck around the same vintage?
M: I was thinking me, actually.
K: That's funny.

What writing projects are you both working on right now?

M: Oh, God, so much. I'm just wrapping up the GONE series. So by the time this comes out I'll be working on the fourth and final MAGNIFICENT 12 book. Then BZRK 3.
K: When's this coming out on the web site? Never mind, whenever it is, I'll be finishing THE GOOD BOY, a book about a dog and a cat and some magic. If my editor is listening, it will be done! And then, we start on the sequel to EVE AND ADAM. EVEN MORE ADAM. Except that's not really what we're calling it. Probably.

Thank you so much for answering some questions, Michael and Katherine!

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  1. The interview was awesome : these 2 are sooo funny and I actually didn't know they were husban and wife. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of Eve and Adam now. Too bad the giveaway is not international but thanks anyway Lea for this great post :)!!

  2. Aaaawww!!! I loved this Interview! And I love that the two started writing together again! I loved this book and cannot wait for the sequel! :))

  3. I don't know how Michael can keep track of so many different series in his head. He's working on 4 different ones at the same time!

  4. I never thought first lines were that important until I realized how quickly I get frustrated with a book if it doesn't pull me in. It's hard to keep going.

  5. Omg - these two make for the greatest author interview EVER!!! Given the epic way Michael and Katherine trade spars, Eve and Adam has got to be fantastic! <3

    Which reminds me, I've been wanting to read the Gone series forever, and also BZRK. Think I'll just mosey on over to Amazon & put all these books on my wish list ;)

  6. Hilarious. Possibly the best author interview ever. Love the fictional character question.

  7. I am super excited that this book exists. Especially because I need something excellent to read to keep me sane while waiting for the second BZRK installment.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! And also definitely the fantastic interview.

  8. I love that he just got done wrapping up the Gone series. I am addicted to reading it!!!!

  9. This book has been on my TBR list for a while now. I think my favourite question in the interview is the one about what fictional character you'd like to be for 24 hours. Fern is certainly an interesting answer, but as I can't stand spiders, I think this wouldn't be my first choice. :) I'm not sure who I would even pick for this. There are just too many choices!

  10. I had the chance to read an eARC off NetGalley, and loved it. This quote is sooo true, "Basically, we reworked Genesis slightly to make it about genetic engineering and hot guys." What girl wouldn't want to make her dream guy? It sounded like so much fun. I also loved how they incorporated the science theme in the entire novel.

    Katherine's answer about Fern from Charlotte's Web is my favourite answer. I like spiders too.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Michael and Katherine are so witty and hilarious :) I don't think I'd be able to co-write a book, even if I was a proper author. My personality just doesn't permit it. :)

  12. Wonderful interview! Katherine and Michael are very amusing. I love the Everworld series (I had no clue that it was co-written with Michael). I'm really looking forward to reading Adam & Eve :)

  13. I didn't know they were husband and wife! They are just hilarious!

  14. Oh, NO WAY - they collaborated with each other in Animorphs? I had no idea. That is so cool, I used to love those books. I am all of a sudden even more interested in reading this one than I had been before! And, "Biblical Sci-Fi Rom-Com Thriller"? That, too, sounds too good to pass up.

  15. Came across your sight while looking for interviews about "Eve and Adam". And that was an awesome interview! I laughed so hard. A great book.