Monday, October 22, 2012

Contest and REACHED Trader Challenge #4: Cross Over

I was lucky enough to be selected to become one of the traders for the Silk & Paper campaign! As traders, it's our job to get the word out about the fantastic Matched Trilogy as we wait for the final novel, REACHED, to release. Last week, we shared the Matched Trilogy Facebook Fan Page, and this week the Archivists and the Rising have given us (even you!) another task to complete:

Trader Challenge #4: Cross Over 
ASSIGNMENT: It is one thing to wake up from the Society’s dream of a “perfect” civilization, but it is another thing altogether to cross the boundary from your safe and sound world into new and dangerous territory. Follow and help Cassia through her journey into the Outer Provinces to reunite with Ky and ultimately discover herself. Drive as much traffic as possible to the Matched Facts Tumblr and the Crossed Facts campaign by reblogging, promoting the link and images on Facebook, etc.  & get as many people as possible to embed the CROSSED trailer on their blogs, post about them on Facebook, etc.

I'm a fan of Matched Facts, simply because they always refresh my memory of what happened in each book without adding in any unnecessary information. Here are a couple Matched and Crossed Facts that I like:

And now, for my contest with awesome prizes! But, I'm going to make you work for it (Don't worry, the challenges are easy and fun!) 

Challenge #4

Option 1: Find one MATCHED OR CROSSED Fact that you like and Tweet it OR Post it to Facebook.


Option 2: Tweet OR Post the CROSSED Book Trailer to Facebook.

Easy, right? Did you complete one of the options for Challenge #4? Copy the link to your tweet or Facebook post, click on Challenge #4 on the Rafflecopter below and paste the link in the space provided. You can also still complete the first three challenges - the more challenges you complete, the more entries into the giveaway you receive!

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