Monday, October 8, 2012

Contest and REACHED Trader Challenge #2: Get Matched

I was selected to become one of the traders for the Silk & Paper campaign, and as traders it's our job to get the word out about the fantastic Matched Trilogy. Last week, we shared the REACHED countdown widget (which you can grab in my right sidebar) and this week the Archivists and the Rising have given us (even you!) another task to complete:

Trader Challenge #2: Get Matched
ASSIGNMENT: For Cassia Reyes, the seeds of dissent and rebellion were first sown in MATCHED. The Society is corrupt and people must know. Spread the word however you can - get as many people as possible to tweet #getmatched, embed the MATCHED trailer and Scribd sampler on their blogs, post about them on Facebook, etc.

Matched sampler

Watch the MATCHED book trailer on YouTube!

Plus, if you help the Rising, you can win some sweet prizes. 


1 Grand Prize Winner will receive a MATCHED Trilogy Box Set + MATCHED Trilogy Swag (poster + buttons)

2 Winners will receive MATCHED Trilogy Swag

Each week, I'll add new tasks to the Rafflecopter for more chances to win, so keep checking back. Welcome to the Rising!

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Challenge Recap

Challenge #1
Grab, embed, and share the REACHED countdown widget

Challenge #2
Embed the MATCHED Scribd and Trailer on your blogs / Facebook and Tweet about it using the #getmatched hashtag. 


  1. Such a fun marketing/promotional campaign for this series! I adored Matched, it's a favorite of mine. Crossed left me a bit wanting, but I have super high hopes for Reached. Can't wait!

    1. I have made a fail! In the rafflecopter, I think I put the wrong link for challenge #4. Here you go:

  2. What happened? Why did the rafflecopter get longer?