Saturday, July 7, 2012

COVERS: Mila, Scarlet, Scoundrels, and more

This is fascinating. Normally, this isn't the kind of cover I'd like, but I think it's interesting. It makes me curious about the story inside...

Uncontrollable (The Nature of Grace #2)
I like the first cover more, but I'm glad it matches the first book. The eyes are (yet again) so stunning!

Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles #2)
It's not as striking as Cinder's cover, but I like that they stuck with the same overall theme. I love the font and flowing cloak! 

Shades of Earth (Across the Universe #3)
I kind of hate it. After the gorgeousness of ATU hardcover, ATU paperback, and AMS hardcover, they redesigned the entire trilogy (you can see all three new covers at Wired) and made it look like a middle grade series -- which, I guess, is supposed to draw in more male readers. I wish they had waited until after they put out a matching HC for Shades of Earth and then redesigned the trilogy in paperback. I'm extremely disappointed in this cover and the late change in covers, so the story better be epic to make up for it. 

Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society #3)
YAY for a new Heist Society novel! So happy to see that this cover matches up nicely with the first two. 

Fragments (Partials #2)
Why does the girl have black hair on Partials and light brown hair on Fragments? I like the background for Fragments a lot, but I feel like Partials has a much better and stronger cover. 

Have you spotted any great covers lately?



  1. I didn't know that cover for Shades of Earth was the actual cover. I was thinking it was a place holder cover. I really don't like it.

    I have to admit I'm tired of publisher's redesigning covers in series. Wait until the series is done and the redesign and re-release.

  2. Can't say I am a fan of the new Across the Universe covers. But am loving the new one for the 3rd Heist Society! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I hate the Shades of Earth cover! It doesn't match the other books at all, and it's just plain ugly....

  4. Hi! Thanks for sharing all these awesome covers with us! I actually don't like the new covers for ATU and AMS, either. I mean, they're okay and there are worse covers and everything, but I found the old covers so intruiging! Also, I can see how it'd upset people who have already bought the first two books in the series (I haven't)because now the third one won't fit their copies :/

  5. I was also upset that they changed Beth Revis' covers. I have the first two books hardcover and SIGNED PERSONALLY TO ME. So now what? I have to buy one that doesn't match? Buy them all over again? Then what do I do with the old one? Can't give them away because they are signed...UGH.

    But I do enjoy lots of the other covers on here. So yay for that!


  6. Thank you for posting about my new cover

  7. All these covers are awesome except for the new Shades of Earth cover. Ick. I hate it too. Blech!

  8. It reminds me of an old CD cover for Sneaker Pimps (