Friday, July 20, 2012

COVERS: Spirit, Clockwork, Hysteria and more

Spirit and Dust                                     Dead River

I love the font for Spirit and Dust, it looks amazing. Dead River is very kind of freaks me out, to be honest ;)

      Panic                                              White Lines

Ouch. Poor little blue butterfly. Not sure if I like the White Lines cover - I don't mind a black and white photo, but I hate it when font looks like it's just been slapped onto the cover.

Clockwork Princess                                 Spellcaster     

I'm rarely a fan of obviously multi-layered images, but I always seem to be a fan of Clare's covers. I love the glowing effect, it looks great. Spellcaster looks good, but I feel like I've seen a similar cover...

Broken                                          Hysteria

I really like how they integrated the title font for Broken. I'm not really feeling the Hysteria cover, though.

What are your thoughts? Seen any great covers lately?



  1. O I love them all. Especially Clockwork Princess. I want that book.

  2. Some very cool covers there. I like the creepy ones at the top. And the Clare covers are always beautiful.

  3. I love a lot of these covers. They're sort of creepy and cool and I think I'd definitely pick up some of them just based on the cover!

  4. I always love Clare's covers too. So magical. I am in agreement with you on the slapped on fonts.

  5. The cover for Panic makes me cringe. The only ones I like are Broken, Clockwork Princess, and Spellcaster. The others don't grab my attention

  6. Yay Hysteria!! I really enjoyed it. I'll have my review up soon. I heard some didn't care for the ending, but I thought it worked. :) I hope you're enjoying it too!!

    rowena of Votive Candles