Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog Tour Interview + Giveaway: Anna Carey

Today is my stop on the Eve Blog Tour, and I have author 
Anna Carey here to answer questions about Eve, plus a giveaway! 
Quick! Describe Eve in 7 words or less!
Torn between fear and love.

What was the most difficult part for you when writing Eve
I loved writing the first section of the book, when Eve leaves School and is out in the wild for the first time. The hardest part was writing the section that came right after. Eve is slowly letting go of everything she’s been taught, and struggling with her new feelings for Caleb. There’s a lot of confusion and fear and curiosity there. It was tricky to convey all that and still keep the plot moving.

Which supporting/secondary character was your favorite to write?
I love Arden. She’s a really strong woman. There’s also so much sadness in her. She doesn’t let people in. She’s terrified of being vulnerable to anyone else—the one thing she needs most. Despite all that, she’s the bravest character in the book.

Any favorite teaser quotes from Eve that you can share?
From the first time Eve is alone with Caleb:
“He was a strange breed of man, part wild. Not the sophisticated kind who graced the pages of The Great Gatsby. Nor did he seem like the violent men I’d encountered my first day in the wild. He’d saved me, at least. I could only hope it wasn’t for some nefarious purpose.”
What are you working on next?
I’m just finishing up the second book, then I’m diving into the third one.

Thanks so much for the interview, Anna! And if you are curious about Eve, check it out on Goodreads

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