Thursday, November 26, 2009


Yay! Winner time!

But first I just would like to say that when you enter my contests, please be honest about how many entries you actually earn. I had quite a shock when out of the first three names I pulled, two of them had only done one of extra entries, if any at all. At first I was going to just let it slide, but then decided not to, because I really dislike dishonesty and I will not condone it on my blog. It really hurt me to see how dishonest some people will be when desperate to win a couple books (seriously, just go the the library. They are free there and you can read as many as you'd like).

So, I bumped the third winner name to #1, and drew two more names via (and there were 1119 entries from the comments/emails! WOW!)

Note: Since privacy is important, I'm looking into reworking the way I hold contests (possibly). But, in the meantime, after every contest I'll go back and hide all comments so that your email addresses will not be visible.

So, without further ado, I give you three winners:

#1: Kristina (emailed and claimed BloodPromise/Shiver/TheVanAlenLegacy/Meridian)
#2: Alice (emailed and claimed Meridian/Catching Fire)
#3: Kelsey (emailed and responded)

That was such a fun contest to hold, and I will be announcing my 200 follower contest within the next couple weeks.

Congrats to the winners!!!



  1. I emailed you back! Thanks so much(:

  2. Congrats to everyone who won! And nice contest :)

    You got an award over at my blog:

  3. Yay! Congtratulations to the winners!! :-)

  4. Ooh! Congrats to all winners! :)