Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wicked: Legacy and Spellbound by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie Review

Book: Legacy and Spellbound (Wicked Series #2)
Source: Author
Holly Cathers is not the same person she was almost a year and a half ago. After discovering her connection to an ancient legacy of witches, Holly has accepted her destiny as a descendant of the House of Cahors. She is determined to end an intergenerational feud that has plagued her family for centuries.

Holly will have to overcome unworldly obstacles as she battles to protect her loved ones-including Jer, a member of the rival House of Deveraux and her one true love. A war of magical proportions is being waged, and Holly is at the center of it all.

Lives will be lost, and sacrifices will have to be made....
Review: Legacy and Spellbound are novels 3 and 4 of the Wicked series. (See my review for books 1 & 2 here)

Holder and Viguie deliver again with the action and battles in the third and fourth installments in the Wicked series.

The war against Michael Deveraux is darker than ever in Legacy & Spellbound, and I was not disappointed with all the action. I was actually surprised, because Holly spends most of Spellbound in an altered state of mind. Spellbound really became the other characters story, and I was actually cool with it. Nicole had a string of bad luck (and a very surprising surprise at the end), Amanda finally stepped it up a bit (and opened her eyes), and Phillippe really became an important part of the group, as did his coven members. Richard, Nicole and Amanda's father, surprised me the most. The man stepped it up big time in Spellbound, and shocked me completely.

Spellbound left me hanging on a cliffhanger (and a few surprises at the twists in the plot), and I cannot wait to get to Resurrection.

Highlights: Spellbound, obviously. Out of all the books, Spellbound hooked me the most. I did enjoy Legacy, but not as much as I enjoyed Spellbound. I also loved how dark this novel got, and how the characters developed yet again. Nicole and Amanda are not who they were in the first two novels.

Lowlights: I hated how Holly was supposed to be the strongest witch, and yet she couldn't manage to save herself. In Legacy, I had my moments of boredom but they were then followed by action, so I continued on quickly. There were also some errors in the novel, but I can easily over look those.

Also, yet again, it can be a bit confusing with a bunch of characters to remember (and a handful more that were introduced). The flashbacks made more sense to me now, though.

Note: I may not have stated this in my review of the first two books, but I'll just say it now. I would not recommend this to anyone under 14 because of the violence, sexual references, and whatnot. If you think you're mature enough, then go ahead.




  1. OHH I love your reviews of these - I have them but have yet to actually pick them make them sound soo good, I need to SOON! :)

  2. Since I didn't like Possessions, I'm not sure if I would care for these. I do love the covers!

  3. I love these covers, they're so eye catching ;)