Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Waiting on Wednesday (165): THE YEAR WE FELL APART

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January 26th, 2016 from Simon Pulse

Few things come as naturally to Harper as epic mistakes. In the past year, she was kicked off the swim team, earned a reputation as Carson High’s easiest hookup, and officially became the black sheep of her family. But the worst mistake was her first one: destroying her relationship with her best friend, Declan.

Now, after two semesters of silence between Harper and Declan, Declan is home from boarding school for summer break. Everything about him is different—he’s taller, stronger . . . handsomer. But Harper has changed too, especially in the wake of her mom’s cancer diagnosis.

While Declan wants nothing to do with Harper, he’s still Declan, her Declan, the only person she wants to talk to about what’s really going on with her. But after she betrayed his trust, he’s also the one person she’s lost all right to seek comfort from.
As shared friends and shared histories draw them together, Harper and Declan must decide which parts of their past are still possible to fix and which parts they’ll have to live with forever.
I have such high hopes for this book! Plus, LOOK AT THE COVER! *stares at the loveliness*

What are you waiting on? 


  1. That cover looks so gorgeous, it makes me want to put it on my TBR pile, too.

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  2. Great pick, Lea! This one is new to me and I love the sound of it. I will definitely be adding it to my TBR list. I also LOVE the cover. Thanks for putting this one on my radar!

  3. Wow this is the first I've heard of this book, but it looks SO great! I am adding it to my watch list asap! January seems so far away now!

    Here's my Waiting on Wednesday post.

  4. That cover is amazing! I've heard of this until now but it sounds sooo good, I can't wait that long for it to release >.< Great pick!

    Asma @ IceyBooks

  5. Ah, that cover is gorgeous :D I really hope you'll love this one Lea. <3 It do seem pretty good :) Thank you for sharing about it. <3

  6. I think this sounds like a really good story especially with the focus on a broken friendship as opposed to a romantic relationship. I will be looking for this one when it is released. Good pick!

  7. I can't wait for this one either! It sounds so good and I absolutely adore the cover. :)
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  8. Loving the cover! <3 This sounds right up my alley. Hopefully it delivers. I don't read nearly as many debut authors as I used to (just because there are so many series I need to complete first!). Added to my Goodreads. Thanks!