Sunday, April 14, 2013

Operation Teen Book Drop on 4/18!

I know I'm still on a short blogging break (but I'll be coming back in a week or so, I promise), but I wanted to take a quick moment to share news of OPERATION TEEN BOOK DROP 2013, hosted by the lovely readergirlz. I've always had so much fun participating in this, and I wanted to make sure everyone didn't forget about it. 

Wondering what exactly is Operation Teen Book Drop, and how to participate?

It's simple and fun, if you want to participate! 
  • On Thursday, April 18th, grab an awesome YA novel that you're willing to part with
  • Print out an official bookplate
  • Place the bookplate inside or attach it to the cover (I usually stick the bookplate inside and put a sticky note on the cover that says FREE BOOK)
  • Drop the book off somewhere in your local area (like a coffee shop table, college campus, local park, bus stop bench, wherever you think it might get picked up)! 
  • And that's it! 

Easy, right? Even if you can only drop one YA novel, you're still going to make one person's day spectacular. So spread some YA lit love, and tweet using the #rockthedrop hashtag to share photos and your experience on Thursday! And for more info, head over to readergirlz! 

Hope you rock the drop this Thursday!


Image and info from readergirlz website

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  1. Oh how fabulous! I wish I had some YA kicking around. Thanks for spreading the word. This is a brilliant plan/event.