Wednesday, April 3, 2013

(Another) Blogging Break: Taking Two Weeks Off

I'm a bit busy right now with my college classes1, so I decided to take the next two weeks off in order to finish all of the papers I need to write. I'll make sure to write up some reviews and interesting posts too, so I can come back with plenty of content to share! I'll try to hang around Twitter, so you can likely catch me there for brief amounts of time. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely day! 


1 So many essays and a mountain of reading - the joys of being an English major ;)


  1. I remember what it was like and all the essays, novels to read, etc. Good luck!!

  2. I feel ya, Lea! College (and teaching) has forced me to take a lot of mini hiatuses in order to keep up. Good luck with everything!