Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Top 10 Books I'd Give A Theme Song To

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1.  Delirium + "Open Your Eyes" + "Terrified" + "The Resistance (Muse cover)" = I got a little over-ambitious with three songs, but each work in different ways with the story.  

2.  Anna Dressed in Blood + "The Freddy Kruegar Theme Song" = Okay, so maybe only for when Anna's all scary and killing people. It only works well at those times (you think those scenes were scary? Try reading them to this music). Or maybe I should have just chose "Ghostbusters" ;)

3.  Before I Fall + "It's Not My Time" = Okay, so this is a little too obvious of a choice, but it's been awhile since I read the book, so it's the best I've got. 

4.  Between Shades of Gray + "Kenji" = This one is more of a "feeling" pairing because of the emotions song elicits. Slightly different yet similar situations, and the same heartbreaking emotion. 
5.  Where She Went + "Over and Over" = For some reason, I just kept thinking of this song when reading Where She Went. I think "Set the Fire to the Third Bar" might work nicely too. 

6.  Tempest + "Fall For You" = Yet anther song that kept jumping into my mind while reading.... 

7.  Matched + "Window" = I just love the gorgeousness of this music, and think it goes nicely with the lyrical mood of Matched. 

8.  The Lord of the Rings + "Frodo, Don't Wear the Ring" = Okay, this one is a little ridiculous, but amusing. And yes, I was running out of song ideas at this point. 

That's all I've got! It was much harder to give a book a theme song than I originally thought it would be ;)

What book + song pairing would you make?



  1. Open Your Eyes is PERFECT for Delirum. I haven't heard the song before, so a big thanks to you. I chose some Snow Patrol for my Top Ten Tuesday too- for Shiver over at


    Nice job!

  2. I love your top 10! Nice job.

    You can find my top right overe here:

  3. I struggled with this one so I decided not to do a post. I am not familiar with the songs on your list (I listen to mostly soundtracks and classical) and haven't read some of the books yet. I love that you picked a song called "Frodo, Don't Wear the Ring"!

    For my list, I would have picked Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton for Stephenie Meyer's New Moon and a very tongue in cheek "Stayin' Alive" or Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" for The Hunger Games :)

  4. I liked your choice for Anna Dressed in Blood, I had a hard time coming up with one for that title! Great list! Here is my Top Ten

  5. I haven't thought of that before but Over and Over is a great song for Where She Went (my favorite YA contemporary by the way :D).
    Great list !

  6. Ha! These are awesome. You crack me up with Freddie's Theme vs. Ghostbusters.

  7. I LOVE Snow Patrol's "Open Your Eyes." It makes me want to read Delirium even more!

  8. Ha, love your choices! I need to read so many of these books. And "Over and Over" works SO well for Where She Went. Love that song. And that book. :)

  9. Anna and Freddie Krueger - Brilliant!

  10. Great job! I'm not familiar with all of these so I'll have to look into them and maybe buy them! Love Frodo, Don't Wear the Ring!!