Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blog Tour Interview and Giveaway with A & E Kirk

Today is the fourth stop on the Demons at Deadnight Blog Tour, and I have two lovely ladies, A & E Kirk, here to answer some questions!
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Quick! Describe Demons at Deadnight in 7 words or less! 
Seven words or less? Already we have to edit. *sigh* Okay: Hunks, heroine, hellions, humor, thriller, action, romance!
Darn it! We were trying to do it completely with alliteration. Can anyone come up with “h” words for thriller, action, and romance? If so, you officially earn Bomb-Shiggity status!
What was the experience like writing Demons at Deadnight together?
(A) Fun! We break the book up into scenes and each take sequential sections.  The best part for me was that I got to be surprised by Aurora’s story. Mom got an idea for a scene in her head, would giggle, run with it, and I got to be the reader instead of the writer.
(E) I wasn’t alone! With Alyssa I have someone who knows my imaginary world and characters as well I, someone with the same passion and excitement about them. It’s a blast brainstorming together! 
Fill in the blank: "I could not have written Demons at Deadnight without ___________"
(A) My brothers. (Jake is making me type this and he now demands I say “loving and supportive brothers,” and adds that I need to throw “strippers” into an answer. Why? I don’t know.)
Truthfully, they consulted. Told us when the boys were acting like guys and when the boys were acting like girls masquerading as guys. They helped inspire the humor throughout the book. A lot of the jokes or funny stunts the Hex Boys pull are derived from actual things my brothers have done. Scary, I know.
(E) Sleepless nights and strippers. (Had to get that in for Jake.) And Alyssa, of course!
Any favorite quotes from Demons at Deadnight that you can share? 
Oh boy, there are a lot of those. But so many only make sense in the context of the scene. However, here are a couple you might enjoy.
Eileen’s Fave:
 BLAKE: “While I was in the shower, my clothes mysteriously disappeared from my locker. Know anything about that Ayden?”
AYDEN: “The less I know about you in the shower, the better.”
Alyssa’s Fave Quote:
Aurora’s talking first: “…Do you always go around knocking strange girls off their feet and then hammering them with a barrage of personal questions?” I finished with a cocky smirk.
Mr. Exotic leveled me a steady stare, a sly smile gaining momentum. “Do you always end up straddling the guys who do?”
What one item – that's usually considered normal and a non-weapon – would you want to have if you were about to engage in a fight with a demon? 
Since there are two of us, we each get one thing, right? (That can’t cheating.) Alyssa chooses a salt shaker, Eileen chooses a folding lawn chair. Wonder twins unite! (points if you get this old superhero reference)
Scenario time: The two of you are out for a walk one lovely evening when a demon stumbles across your path (what are the odds, right?). Luckily, you both happen to have your one item from the previous question, so you’re both completely prepared for whatever comes next (well, hopefully). The demon turns his gaze to the two of you, and he slowly begins to draw closer. This demon is out for blood....What do you do next?
Yummy! This one’s fun! Alyssa’s cat Van Helsing (yes, he’s real, not Alyssa’s imaginary friend) always stalks us on our walks, so he’s there too. Aaaaand, ACTION!
Eileen flips open lawn chair. Alyssa rips off top of shaker. We dump salt all over Helsing. Chair becomes catapult and we launch Helsing into the demons gaping mouth of menace. *Gasp!*
But fear not! The salt acts as Helsing’s cloak of safety. It eats away like acid on the hellion from the inside out. Helsing claws and bites with his own vicious internal attack. Moments later—Kaboom! Demon explodes back to Hell. Helsing lands on his feet—a little slobbery and peeved with Alyssa—gives us a haughty hiss, and saunters back home to his favorite chair. (See before and after photos)

Lea, thank you so much for allowing us to visit YA Book Queen, where there are never any lowlights because you are always the highlight of our day!
And thank you both for the wonderful interview, even when I threw you both to the demons :)

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  1. That was a great interview!! Love those quotes!


  2. First of all, I thoroughly approve of Van Helsing's approach to danger. Sleeping and/or playing dead when faced with it is most definitely something I would do:)

    Second, loved this interview! Especially Jake's addition of strippers. Randomness = Win. It's fun to see how much of you guys and your family went into the story itself, I think it makes such a big difference when reading because then the interactions feel authentic:)

  3. What? Your brothers have snuck into a girl's room while she was in the shower and then somehow ended up spending the night in said girl's bed! WOW! And what does their mother have to say about this?


    Helsing is the coolest cat ever!

  4. OMG this was great. I love how Alyssa talks about her brothers helping them know when they were actually writing like guys. And I love how Eileen said strippers. Awesome interview. Seriously. These two are an inspiration. What a great mother/daughter relationship.

    (not an entry)

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  6. Lea, throwing us to the demons was brilliant! We had a blast figuring our way out of that one! Thanks for being part of the tour!

    Heather: Glad you liked the quotes. These characters are so fun to write.

    Jenny: Playing dead? Yeah, that's what he's doing. Sells it really well with the snoring. Yes, the story definitely has a lot of family contribution. And random is a great way to describe Jake!

    Missie: Oh dear don't think...I was sure that scene was completely made up. Gotta go check with Alyssa and my sons because their mother says that BETTER NOT have happened!

    Juju: Thank you! We have a good time together. The boys definitely wanted to make sure the Hex Boys were true "guys" because they didn't want to be embarrassed by what we had written. Oh, you thought I was joking about the strippers. Yeah...yeah, right I was. Totally joking. And Helsing says thank you. Or he would if he was ever awake. I'm really curious about what he does during the night because he's "lights out" all day long.

  7. Great interview. ;)

  8. Oh, I had no idea Van Helsing was real! He looks so cute sleeping peacefully.

    Ha ha, Missie's comment and Eileen's reaction totally made me laugh.

  9. Oh my God I LOOOOOOVED the cat comment (and the pictures. He is CUTE)!

    And I loved reading the comments and seeing Eileen's reaction to Missie's comment. Hilarious!

  10. Awesome interview, first one I've ever read where someone gets attacked by a demon...and the cat saves the day lol. Your Helsing is too cute by the way ;) Thanks for the giveaway!
    Tristan @ Reads With Wreckless Abandon