Monday, August 23, 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Book: The Hunger Games (Hunger Games Trilogy #1)
Release: now in paperback (July 3rd)
Source: Bought
My Summary:
In a futuristic society, the United States is no more. In it's place is Panem, and only twelve of the original thirteen districts remain.

Katniss Everdeen, a resident of the coal-producing District Twelve, prepares for The Reaping by making sure that her little sister Prim has as few entries as possible. Yet, against the odds, Prim is picked and Katniss volunteer's in her place to be a tribute for the yearly Hunger Games.

She knows the odds aren't good. 24 tributes in all, and only one can survive. It will be a fight to the death, against people she cares about, and only the strong and smart can survive...
Review: Action-filled, surprising moments, smartly plotted and equally smart characters...can this book get any better?

The Hunger Games is one of those series that is addictive, smart, and very well plotted. She uses the skills her father taught her about hunting in order to help her family survive (which is illegal). She hunts with her best friend Gale, to keep both their families alive and well. However, once Katniss becomes a tribute, she has to focus on one thing only: survival. Staying true to her character, Katniss doesn't become some bloodthirsty beast, she gets smart, uses her wits and skills in the arena, as well as forms alliances...but only one person can survive in the end.

Each character is well developed, with their own personalities. I didn't like every character, but that's what made them all more real to me, because you can't like everyone (although, I loved Haymitch! So funny!). 

The description flows perfectly, the surprises don't fail to shock, and the end gives you both fulfillment (there's nothing too cliffhangerish) and curiosity for the next installment, Catching Fire.

This trilogy is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good dystopia novel, with action, adventure, a dash of romance, and plenty of moments where you will be unable to tear yourself away from the book.

Highlights: In a game of survival, I didn't know what to expect next. I love how smart Katniss is, and she uses everything she has. The girl is smart, and focused, which is wonderful to read about. I enjoyed Collins' writing as well, it's very easy to fall into and get caught up in the story.

Lowlights: I'm not really a fan of the name "Katniss", but it's grown on me through the years. And really, it's kind of a petty thing to consider a "lowlight". 


Reviews of other books in this trilogy:
Catching Fire (to come soon)
Mockingjay (to come once I get it and read it!)



  1. i am such a fan of this series im glad that you enjoyed it hope you read catching fire soon!!

  2. Nice review. I like the format of your reviews. It's very clear and neat. :) I haven't yet read THG (*ducks*) but I really want to. I'm waiting for a box set to release, it seems.

  3. Great review, I love this book though I've only read this first book in the series. I remember when I read it my heart was beating so fast along with Katniss because the story was so exciting.

  4. Great review!You makes me cant wait to read the trilogy!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhh cool review. I love this book.

  6. Here from the CEP!

    I wasn't a fan of the name "Katniss" either. I kept thinking "Catnip - d'oh!" So now sometimes when I talk about the book, I end up saying, "And I thought Catnipd'oh - err, I mean, Katniss -" But it's a great book, otherwise!

  7. Best series ever---CF is even better! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  8. Originally, I thought this book sounded terrible. Kids killing one another, etc. Everyone kept saying, "read it, you'll see". I did and wow, was I glad I took their advice. Glad to see you enjoyed it as well. I don't know that I'm a huge Katniss fan either but love the stories.
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  9. Brilliant review, Lea! I have to be honest...I didn't like the name Katniss at first either, but it's definitely grown on me. I can't wait till Mockingjay!

  10. I totally think I am one of the only people yet to read this series...great review, I have both the first 2, I need to pick them up soon!!! :)

  11. Glad to read that enjoyed this book! And, it looks like you're reading/ have read Catching Fire. I'm offering a giveaway of Mockingjya at my blog and have listed a ton of other people who are too. Here's a link if you're interested!

    Here from the CEP.

  12. Big fan of these books! Great review!

  13. Love this book! i don't know anyone who doesn't. i force some of my friends to read this one(they loved it 2) Mockingjay is out tomorrow yay!

  14. Wonderful review! I can't believe I haven't read this series yet. Maybe I'll wait for a bit of the hype to die down first. I'm sure it's a fantastic book, though!

  15. I typically read more of the YA books that are a little bit mellow and heart warming... such as Darryl Nyznyk's latest book titled, "Mary's Son: A Tale of Christmas," which I was able to preview before its October 15th release date. However I do have to say that "Hunger Games" looks amazing. I have just added it to my must read list. Thank you for the suggestion.