Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Giveaway & Guest Post: Kate Kaynak

Today, I have Kate Kaynak, author of Minder (book #1 of the Ganzfield series) here to take over the blog. So without further ado, here's Kate!

The Perfect Book Club

"This is the year. This year we'll actually start that book club."

My neighbor raises a skeptical eyebrow. She's heard me say that before.

"I mean it this time!"

She's probably right to roll her eyes like that. Neither of us has much free time, and we need to work around my husband's business travel and her husband's late shifts at the hospital.  Still, the dream refuses to die. I picture a gathering of interesting women sitting in my living room--glasses of wine in hand, since we're all over 21 and live in walking distance--having animated discussions about amazing books. 

I step into my actual living room and the dream dribbles away. The kids have made a couch-cushion fort again.  The now-abandoned battlements sink into foam-filled ruins. The cat has attacked another tassel on the footstool, leaving a bedraggled wad and little gold threads strewn in front of the fireplace.  This will not do. Before I can have those interesting women here, I'll need to clean up.

Or maybe I could just give them more wine. We could hold the book club in the cushion fort—I want to be friends with people who'd be up for that.

The guest list runs through my head. I've even considered the foods I'd ever-so-casually have out on the decorative platters.  My husband and I received eight decorative platters as wedding gifts--many of them are still in the boxes from the move.  The move was two years ago, but I refuse to let the kids use them--they can eat their chicken-nuggets-shaped-like dinosaurs off of the everyday plates, thank you very much.  The platters are for special occasions--like book club.

What should we read? I have a few things to suggest, particularly if they are as passionate about YA as I am. Hunger Games? Beautiful Creatures? Uglies? Wake? How about Jessica's Guide to Dating On the Dark Side? Ooh, and Linger! I also love paranormal stuff written for adults, and there's a bunch of great series, like Peeler's Tempest books, Harris' Sookie Stackhouse, Vaughn's Kitty stuff, Harper's Nice Girls, etc. I melt for anything by Nicholas Sparks. I could also be convinced to do something classic--Jane Austen? Charlotte Bronte? Hey--we could even compare the thematic similarities of Pride and Prejudice and Twilight--they're there, and they're amazing.  Don't believe me?  Here, have more wine. And next month we'll read Austen's Emma and watch the movie Clueless.

I won't let them pick one of my books for the club, though--I don't want to become the prima donna of book club.  Actually, I want it too much, and that's part of the reason I will demurely and modestly say that I don't want it. I get too swept up in my own stories and might say something like, "The characters took over the second half of Adversary, and they wouldn't let me write the climactic scene the way I'd originally planned.  I had to re-plot the ending after what Zack did."

People think I've had too much wine when I say things like that.

But wouldn't it be great? Why can’t I spend an evening each month with a bunch of friends, talking about books, drinking wine--and possibly building a cushion fort?  Dare to dream. 

Ah, it makes me wish I had a book club...

Anyway, onto the giveaway! Kate is being super awesome hosting a contest for one lucky winner from the US or Canada to win a Minder T-Shirt! (don't you love the slogan on the back?!)

To enter, just fill out the form below. You get two extra entries if you comment on this post, and if you comment on my review here (opens in a new window)



  1. Awesome Guest Post!! Honestley a book club sounds AWESOME!! She should totally go for it :)

  2. Great guest post !!! Go for it and have your book club.

  3. Wicked guest post. A book club sounds like a lot of fun. lol

  4. "The first rule of book club is...don't talk about book club."

    Thanks for letting me guest post, Lea! I'm linking the Disgruntled Bear folks over here for the day.

    And then I'm sending that same link to a few of those neighbors, to see if we can make that club happen.

    Happy Tuesday, everyone!

    - Kate

  5. Awesome guest post! I love the idea of this book club couch cushions and kitty torn tassel included. How great would it be not only to have a group of people who enjoy the same books as you do but also meet new people and make new friends. Now only to find these people and make it happen! I'm up for it!!

  6. Awesome blog post! Kate can I join your blog post? I'll bring pillows to contribute to the cushion fort!

  7. Thanks, Cari! Sure--c'mon! Everyone into the cushion fort!

  8. Thanks for the contest! I enjoyed reading the guest post.

  9. I would love to sit in a book club with you Kate!! That would be so awesome!

  10. Ahhh I need a book club too!

    Great post :)

  11. Ahaha, I would love that kind of life....It's a dream, indeed. Great guest post! ;)

  12. I was in a book club when I was little...I miss it!

    Great giveaway!

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  14. lol! i love kate's humor- totally the best thing about MINDER! a book club sounds so fun...
    *mentally inventories ladies i know*
    btw- clueless and emma!!! i never noticed the correlation but OH WOW! dude, they ARE the same!!!

  15. Thanks, Aspiring_x!

    Clueless is intentionally based on Emma--the new guy's even named Christian in both.

    And Edward Cullen = Mr. Darcy. Totally.

    Ten Things I Hate About You = Taming of the Shrew. *sigh* I miss Heath Ledger.

  16. Enjoyed the post! Kate sounds hilarious!