Friday, June 11, 2010

Hanna Marin on Father's Day (PLL Secret Keeper's Challenge)

I received a new challenge last night, and Hanna Marin needs to borrow the blog to write a short post on Father's Day.

Hanna's thoughts on Father's Day:
This Father's Day, I've been hearing some rumors in the hallways about my relationship with my own father. I can assure you, dad and I are as tight as ever. Seriously. 

Anyway, so this Father's Day, I bet most of you are wondering what the hell to even get your dad's. I know some of  you will go about the quick and easy way (like the new shaver idea, which is so unique).

But still, if you insist on being completely unoriginal, you can at least get him a new Cartier watch (it's only $6,500, after all). Or if you aren't feeling the whole watch thing, then maybe some Obsession cologne by Calvin Klein?

Either way, you better make it a gift to remember, and especially make sure any other siblings don't top your gift. After all, this is a competition to get the best, and only the best, gift. 

Back to Lea:
Okay, enough of Hanna's interesting take on Father's Day...Hanna's off to a great start on ideas there, I guess. But really, for Father's Day (on the 20th), it's not the gift that matters. It's the thought behind it. So whether you're giving the most expensive thing you can find, a hug, a few kind words or doing his household chores, just know that it's the effort that means the most. 

And as for the PLL challenge, I've been doing a horrible job on keeping you guys updated, so I promise to make up a post soon and fill you guys in on what the challenges have been like. 

And Happy Friday! :)


  1. I think I did mine wrong, I just did a post on father's day, I didn't include anything about Hanna and her father's relationship, just the text from A.. Do you think that is ok that I did that???

  2. Since I can't stand my father (it's been that way since I was a teen), I'm not bothering to get him anything. I'll spoil my husband instead. But at least he deserves it. :)

  3. Haha, right... *sigh* So jealous of all of you who get to participate in this fun challenge! Looking forward to hearing about the next one. :)

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  5. You were right, it didn't matter, I passed.. =)