Thursday, February 4, 2010

Molly Fyde and the Land of Light by Hugh Howey Review

Author: Hugh Howey
Age: Young Adult
Pages: 332
Copy Provided by: Author
Summary (from Goodreads):

Molly Fyde has forever dreamed of reconnecting with her mysterious past. Now she's about to meet it in a way she never expected...head-on.

Her father is alive. Her mother's memories are trapped in the very ship that bears her name. On the run from their own Navy, Molly and her crew have been tasked with the impossible:

Rescue her parents. Save the galaxy. End a war.

But first, Molly must help a crew member in need, which means running to the very race she was trained to meet in battle.

Planet Drenard. Homeworld of humanity's sworn enemy. The next stop for the starship Parsona.
Review: Molly Fyde and the Land of Light is a spectacular, captivating, and shocking follow up to The Parsona Rescue.

Howey's debut, Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue was amazing, but Land of Light was even more impressive. The novel starts off with an intriguing prologue, and the first chapter pulled me back into the story with ease. As the pages turn, this novel grips you entirely. With each startling secret or shocking moment, I became more entranced by the story. This is not a series you want to miss. If you love action, adventure, and a dash of romance, then you'll love The Bern Saga.

I'm not going to get into details here, because then I'd be spoiling the novel (and probably a few points in the first one)!

Highlights: Howey's description is fantastic, because he always makes me feel like I'm there, in the moment with the characters. I love how a few footnotes were included with this novel to help the reader's understanding, and I love how Howey took a risk by also giving us a glance into the other characters' minds, which I actually enjoyed.

Land of Light far exceeded my expectations, surpassing the greatness of The Parsona Rescue. Now I am definitely eagerly anticipating the release of the next novel, Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billions!

Lowlights: Hmm...nothing I can really think of. It was amazing. The Bern Saga is a must-read.

My review of the first novel in The Bern Saga:




  1. This sounds so brilliant! I must get my hands on this one! :)

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