Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blog Tour: The Dark Divine by Bree Despain + Giveaway

Today is my stop for Bree Despain's debut novel, The Dark Divine (released on December 22nd, 2009). If you haven't read this novel, you absolutely must go check it out!!

Which character was the most difficult for you to develop in The Dark Divine?
Definitely Jude. He's such a complex character. He also seems so perfect at first, but probably has more inner conflict than anyone else in the book. There's so much going on with him, but most of it is behind the scenes because he doesn't have as much "screen time" as Grace and Daniel.

Secrets play a large role within the plot of The Dark Divine...what's one secret that readers' might not know?
Hmm, about me or the book? How about I give you one of each...

About the book: Don Mooney's family history becomes more important in THE LOST SAINT (the sequel to TDD).

About me: I live in a house full of boys, yet I can best any one of them in a burping contest. In 9 years of marriage, my hubby has only won 3 times.

What's your favorite memory so far regarding The Dark Divine (writing stages, pub day, et cetera)?
Probably my debut party. Because of the holidays, my official launch party signing was scheduled to be a couple weeks after my actual pub day. But I didn't want my book b-day to go without any celebration (how anti-climatic would that be!) so I threw a party for my closest friends and family to thank them for all their support.

My BFF (who is a wedding planner and photographer) handled the arrangements for me, and it turned out so amazing. We served food featured in the book, and there were so many candles and flowers in the place that it felt like a dream. The best part was being able to get up and personally thank each person who was there and share how they contributed to making TDD possible.

If you had to choose: Daniel or Jude?
Daniel. All the way.

Thanks for the interview Bree! I'm very excited for The Lost Saint!!

Now onto the giveaway, I have three lovely bottles of The Dark Divine violet nail polish (thank you Nisa!) to give away. Open only to US (sorry! If you have someone in the US I can mail to, feel free to enter).

Please go to The Sweet Bookshelf, tomorrow to see the next stop on The Dark Divine Blog Tour.


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    I love your blog.
    And for that, I am giving you award(s).

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    from Une Parole

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