Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Quick Update + Be Back Soon

I'm taking the week off, and maybe a bit more time, to stay caught up on graduate school homework1 and to try to get my health in order. I spent most of September dealing with vertigo, and now I've been having a lot of stress-related health issues. So, I'm slowly trying to figure out what the main sources of stress are in my life (one probably being school) and how to work around them so I can stay healthy. Any tips on how you de-stress would be helpful!

In the meantime, be sure to check out my review of ATLANTIA by Ally Condie (and see my 7 Reasons To Read ATLANTIA post) and enter to win an ARC + necklace (international)!

I'll likely be hanging around Twitter (@YABookQueen) on and off, so you can always find me there. I hope you are all doing well! 

1 Seriously, you should see the amount of reading I have for one of my classes: 112 poems (I will forever curse those who write ridiculously long poems), 9 novels, 10 short stories, 4 essays, 2 plays (which are thankfully both by Shakespeare), and 15 scholarly essays. Grad school keeps you busy! My school reading schedule is insane, but I'm working through it and learning so much.


  1. Oh no! So sorry you to hear you aren't feeling well. Vertigo is the worst. I experienced that once when I had a really bad reaction to an antibiotic I was on. I hope you feel better soon and good luck with all of your reading assignments….long poems are the worst…I agree!

  2. Ah, grad school. I feel your pain. Little time for pleasure reading and when I do have free time, I am usually feeling too stressed to concentrate well. But hopefully it will get easier for you! As far as advice, I can only provide some from the point of view of someone dealing for anxiety-related stress: Talk to someone. I did and now I take anti-anxiety medication. And though I occasionally still feel stressed, I no longer have any of the health issues I was experiencing as a result stress like I used to. Oh, and exercise. A regular endorphin release can do wonders.

  3. Congratulations and take all the time you need.

  4. Huuugs :( I'm so sorry you aren't feeling that well sweetie. That is no good :( I hope you will feel better very, very soon. <3 and ack. Best of luck with school :D I'm sure you will do awesome. <3 and take your time; blogging ain't going anywhere, hih :) Thank you for updating about it. <3

  5. Grad schools blues! I feel you lady, I'm on my last semester and I am SO happy to be done with it! :) Good luck with everything!

    Amber Elise @Du Livre