Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Top Ten Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Bringing Me

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1.  ASK THE PASSENGERS: Or, any AS King book. I recently finished and loved EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS so I'm slowly hunting down other books by AS King.

2.  WATER FOR ELEPHANTS (original paperback cover): I love this book!

3.  The new HP Paperback Boxed Set: The new set looks fabulous. My originals are falling to pieces, so it would be nice to upgrade.

4.  QUINTANA OF CHARYN (hardcover): I'm waiting until I get this book in HC before I catch up and start FROI.

5.  VICIOUS: It sounds so good! *wants*

6.  WINGER: I read about one hundred pages before I had to return it, but I loved what I read. It would be nice to own a copy so I could finish!

7.  #SCANDAL: Yes, I know it's not out yet, but I'm sure Santa could pull some strings.

8.  THE GOLDEN LILY: I liked the first novel, so I'm curious to see what happens next!

9.  THE ARCHIVED: I read a preview, loved it, and now this is the one book I try hunting down but never quite find in bookstores.

10.  Honestly, I'd be happy to receive any book. Santa rarely brings me books. He just gives me practical items that are useful but no fun.

What top ten books are you hoping to receive from Santa?


  1. I wouldn't mind getting the Harry Potter series on Kindle or completing my set of paperbacks with the UK covers (I have the complete US set in hardcover). You can never have too much Harry Potter :) I love the new covers too.

    I hardly ever got books from Santa though it is always what I wanted. I would love a finished copy of The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson for my Kindle or A Disobedient Girl by Ru Freeman or a Kindle copy of Anne of Green Gables which I do not own in any format strangely enough.

  2. The Golden Lily is on my list as well and #scandal is definitely a book I am looking forward to in 2014. Great list, Lea, and I hope you have a Happy Holiday!

  3. I REALLY want to read The Archived, I've heard so many people like it. I also really want to start the Bloodlines series so I'm going to have to finish the VA series.

    Emily @ Emily's Crammed Bookshelf

  4. O great list. I still haven't read Water for Elephants. Shame on me!

    Merry Christmas. :)

  5. AWESOME list! I really want to read Winger and The Archived. I can't wait! I've heard that Ask The Passengers is really wonderful. I hope Santa gets you some of these!
    My TTT
    Merry Christmas

  6. Yay :D Awesome list. Ah, I own those Harry Potter books. <3 they are PERFECT. Hope you get them soon :)