Thursday, September 27, 2012

Review: Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

Eve & Adam
by Michael Grant
and Katherine Applegate
October 2nd, 2012
304 pages (hardcover)
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Source: Publicist
Sixteen-year-old Evening Spiker lives an affluent life in San Francisco with her mother, EmmaRose, a successful geneticist and owner of Spiker Biotech. Sure, Evening misses her father who died mysteriously, but she’s never really questioned it. Much like how she’s never stopped to think how off it is that she’s never been sick. That is, until she’s struck by a car and is exposed to extensive injuries. Injuries that seem to be healing faster than physically possible.

While recuperating in Spiker Biotech’s lush facilities, she meets Solo Plissken, a very attractive, if off-putting boy her age who spent his life at Spiker Biotech. Like Evening, he’s never questioned anything... until now. Solo drops hints to Evening that something isn’t right, and Emma-Rose may be behind it. Evening puts this out of her mind and begins her summer internship project: To simulate the creation of the perfect boy. With the help of Solo, Evening uncovers secrets so big they could change the world completely.
If were asked to play God and create the perfect boy, would you? Evening (or "EV" or "Eve") Spiker is willing to try. After an accident, Evening's recuperating at an empty hospital wing at Spiker Biotech, so creating the perfect boy in a simulation program seems like a good way to alleviate her boredom. Solo Plissken, meanwhile, is somewhat stubbornly determined to uncover and reveal dark truths about Spiker Biotech that others would prefer to keep buried. Packed with action and a few surprising twists, Eve & Adam will hook you from start to finish.

Eve & Adam is a fresh and original sci-fi take on the biblical story of Adam and Eve. I'm a first-time Grant and Applegate reader, but I can see why they both have so many loyal fans. The authors expertly kept the voices distinct and the pacing quick, while also infusing the story with plenty of humor and surprises at the right possible moments. While there are some flaws here and there, Eve & Adam proves itself to be a fun and fascinating story, and one that is guaranteed to make you eager for a sequel. 

Highlights: Evening, Solo, and Adam each retained their separate personalities and voices for their chapters. The pacing and short chapters made it difficult to stop reading, and I love it when a book hooks me like that. I liked the descriptions and loved the concluding surprises. Side characters were great, especially Evening's slightly evil mother (she surprised me the most). 

Lowlights: I wasn't fond of the subplot revolving around Evening's best friend, Aislin (and Aislin's boyfriend, Maddox). I'm surprised by how long it took for Adam to show up, I thought he'd be present earlier in the story. Quick romance. Characters, as a whole, were fun but not very complex. 




  1. I actually really liked Aislin's subplot although I hated her stupid boyfriend and hope she finally manages to shake him.

  2. This is the third review I read on this book today and I definitely want to pick up a copy !! I want to know what's the surprise at the end !! Great review Lea :)

  3. I haven't heard of this one, but it sounds fresh and different! When I'm in the mood for a good sci-fi, I'll have to look this one up.

  4. Nice. This sounds awesome! I will have to pick this one up if ever I'm feeling like a change of pace.

  5. Great review. I haven't seen many reviews for it yet, but the one's I have seen have been pretty positive. Maybe I'll pick this one up :)

  6. This is the first time I read a review for this book and it sounds really awesome. I really want to read this book. Great review. And btw who doesn't like to read about a evil mother? ;)

  7. Finally I know what this book is about! :P lol. Sounds good, so maybe I'll give it a try! :) ;) Great review! ;)

  8. Such a great review. This book sounds really interesting! Have to give it a try. :)

  9. Sounds good. I may pick this one up the next time I'm looking for a fun, quick read!

  10. This is a new-to-me book and your review has definitely peaked my interest in it. I haven't read a sci-fi in a long time, so I will have to check this one out. I also like when the chapters are short- it hooks me in too! Great review, Lea!