Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Tour Interview w/ Lisa & Laura Roecker

Today, I'm honored to have two very awesome authors here to answer some questions about their debut novel - The Liar Society (which I adored - click to see my review). So prepare for the amazingness that is Lisa and Laura Roecker: 

Quick! Describe The Liar Society in 7 words or less!
Dead BFF emails, Kate searches for truth.

Awesome answer! I was stunned by how seamlessly you two wrote The Liar Society. What was the experience like writing together, and how did you two share the work? 
Woohoo! Seamless is such a fantastic word. The best word to describe the experience of writing together is FUN. Basically, we play hot potato with the manuscript. Lisa writes the first chapter, Laura edits her work and adds another chapter, Lisa edits her work and writes the next. We continue on until we have a finished book. It's fun because we get to be both readers and writers at the same time and you never know quite where a book will take us.

What inspired you both to write The Liar Society
Lisa lost someone close to her and used to send him emails. In The Liar Society, Kate has lost her best friend Grace and sends her emails. The only difference is, Grace writes back.

Who are your top favorite sleuths from books/movies/tv shows? 
Nancy Drew all the way. We grew up devouring Nancy Drew books. We've heard Veronica Mars is amazing, but sadly never watched. One day, we'll have a marathon.

There's a mystery you two need to solve -- What three things would you need and who would you want to help you solve it? 
Lisa's phone (Laura's is basically the equivalent of a Jitterbug), one of our laptops and a car. Kate has to ride a bike everywhere and that kind of sucks. We'd definitely want Seth as our sidekick. He has all sorts of random information in his brain that would come in very handy. Although, not sure he'd be interested in hanging out with a bunch of thirty-somethings! Creeper!

Lol! Is there anything else you'd like to add?
We hope everyone enjoys The Liar Society--we had so much fun writing it!

If you found this interview entertaining, you are going to love, love, LOVE The Liar Society so much more!! 

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  1. Excellent post, you had me at Dead BFF!

  2. YES! Kate is SO like Veronica Mars. I highly recommend a marathon, stat! Fabulous interview! I just love these ladies! :)

  3. Love this interview, this book seems like it's so much fun. Although, if I lost a friend and wrote her an email and she wrote back, I might fall over in a dead faint and remain unconscious for quite some time:) And I love Nancy Drew, she ruled!

  4. What!? Never watched Veronica Mars. It's one of my fav tv series and you guys have to watch it.

  5. lol, I love her 7 word answer. Difficult

  6. I agree with Melissa and Jenny. You guys TOTALLY have to watch Veronica Mars! (**cough**Netflix**cough).

    This was such a fun interview! Kate was a great, sassy heroine. I passed on my copy to my 11 year-old cousin because I thought she'd love it!

  7. The process of writing The Liar Society sounds awesome and makes me want to read it even more! Very interesting concept!

  8. I love these ladies and their book! I thought Kate was awesome - I haven't watched Veronica Mars either - better get to it!