Monday, January 10, 2011

Pros and Cons: The Kindle

  • Lighter than all of my paperback novels. Even in a case. Very slim too, so it fits easily into my purse, book bag, backpack, et cetera.
  • Can fit up to 3,500 books. YAY!
  • Easily adjustable font 
  • The screen perfectly mimics a page from a novel, so it's easy on the eyes (unlike the Nook Color's backlighting, which is like reading a computer screen). It's just like reading a novel. Literally.  
  • Quickly changes pages
  • Long battery life 
  • Shop on right from the Kindle
  • Built-in dictionary (fantastic and extremely helpful for lazy people like me) 
  • Collections can be created for you to put the books in: like ParanormalContemporaryUniqueFavoritesTotally Wicked AwesomeWant to Slap Main Character ;)
  • When turned off, it displays a picture of some sort (like of an old author or something else unique). Very cool, in my opinion. It's like having it's own changing cover ;)
  • Netgalley books are usable on the Kindle (sweet!)
  • Freebie eBooks on Amazon 
  • Lending program
  • No Young Adult section in Kindle ebooks - only Children (which means I have to waste time looking through childrens books mixed with YA - highly inconvenient). 
  • Cover with the book light drains the Kindle's battery, as does the wifi (if you leave it on)
  • I had one technical difficulty, but it corrected itself after I left it alone for five minutes.
  • You need to be a decently lit room, or have a book light. Since the screen looks like a normal page, it also means you need to treat it like a normal book and read in a lit room. 
  • It doesn't always display a cover for every eBook you buy. And if it does, it's obviously in black in white. I can deal with the black and white, but it would be nice to see a cover for every novel. 
  • Lending program: not all books are able to lend and other annoyances. 
I seriously love the new Kindle, and this is coming from someone who has always said "eBooks and eReader's are stupid, a waste of money, and nothing in comparison to the real thing."

I still prefer printed novels (I can't imagine not having a real book in my hands - there's no comparison), but I like that I can buy books I really enjoy or just like for the Kindle, and that saves me shelf space for the books I absolutely adore enough to buy in a printed version. Now I don't have to decide "well, do I really want to buy this one" when my shelf space is low, and instead I can get a cheap Kindle ebook version.

What are your thoughts on e-readers vs. printed books? 


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  1. Yay! I'm glad that you're enjoying your Kindle. It was the best gift that I purchase for myself last year.

  2. I don't own an e-reader yet but I do read e-books on my iPhone and sometimes on my computer. What I like about e-books is that you can instantly read something which is nice if a book you are interested in is so popular that the library doesn't have it or you can't get to a bookstore. My first e-book purchase was New Moon back when I first read the Twilight Saga in 2007. I couldn't wait to find out what happened and the bookstore was out of copies so I bought a PDF "e-book" version. That was in the dark days before e-readers were everywhere.

    I am hoping that the Kindle will get touch screen and color in the future like the Nook. I like the selection and price of e-books on Kindle better than Nook (plus I already own several Kindle books). I hope you enjoy using your Kindle!

  3. I have a Nook, but it's just no comparison to my real books. It's convenient, but that's about it! :)

  4. I like the absence of a backlight. Backlight causes me eye fatigue. Great post :)

  5. I've been considering buying a kindle, you've definitely given some good arguments to help me decide.

  6. I have a Kindle too. I hate having to look through the children section for YA books but it saves so much space on my bookshelf. Even though I definitely love my Kindle, I love books way more.

  7. I never wanted an ereader, because I too enjoy the feel of a book, but I agree with your reasoning behind getting the kindle: being able to get a book that you think is only okay. It saves a lot of indecision.

    However, I feel that another convenient solution to that problem would be to support a local library and check out the only okay books from there. That way your support will be able to help people who are less fortunate, who maybe can't afford a kindle or a shelf full of books. I like to think of that everytime I think about getting a kindle. :)

    However... I think I will break down and get one eventually. It all comes down to when I can save the money!


  8. I like that it saves shelf space and you can bring it everywhere with you. But one of my cons with reading on an e-reader is that I like to read a couple minutes here and a couple minutes there so I find myself having to turn it on a lot and waiting for it to load.

  9. I use my kindle in only desperate needs. I love it!! I don't like shopping on my kindle for books. I like doing that from a comp better, easier in my opinion.

  10. I don't have any e-readers but always to own one. however, if i do have one, it will absolutely can't be compared with print books. =)

  11. Lucky you! I'm saving up at the moment. Glad to hear your thoughts - enjoy!

  12. I love my Kindle...just went away for the weekend and it was so awesome to be able to take 50 books with me in a teeny tiny amount of space. I agree about wishing it had color...I would love to be able to have my book coves show up on the Kindle in all their gorgeous glory!