Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pros & Cons: Swagbucks

Search & Win

  • Free to use
  • Swag Codes for more Swagbucks
  • Exchange Swagbucks for whatever prizes you'd like (like Amazon giftcards, yay!)
  • Referrals
  • Usually win a decent amount everyday (I get around 20-45 a day)
  • If you don't download the toolbar (like me), it's easy to forget to use it
  • Search engine isn't as extensive as's is
  • Takes a week or more to redeem Amazon gift cards
  • Tries to rip you off regarding some prices for giftcards ($5 Amazon giftcard costs 450 swagbucks. $25 giftcard for Amazon costs 3,150 swagbucks = WTF??? Anyone else notice that you could use your swagbucks to buy five $5 cards and have 900 swagbucks left over, which means you could even get two more $5 cards, totaling to $35? Yeah, Swagbucks, I may suck at calculus, but I definitely know how to do simple math)
Search & Win
Final Thoughts:
It kinda rocks. 

I use Swagbucks first when I need to look things up, earn some swagbucks, and then jump to a better search engine if I still need more information (like for school assignments). I look up everything, even if I already have it bookmarked. I was a bit peeved at the wait for the Amazon giftcard codes (about 7-15 days), but pleased once I received them. 

It's definitely great too, because I've been saving up Amazon giftcards for giveaways here on the blog (I'm planning something spectacular for December or January!)

In the end, I'd recommend Swagbucks for anyone who wants some Amazon, iTunes, Paypal giftcards or whatever else they have in their store. 


  1. I *love* Swagbucks. I do a lot of online searching for my stories and such, so I use it ALL the time. It's so quick for me to wrack up points. I've already bought about six or seven books from the giftcards I've accumulated!

  2. I heart swagbucks too. I just redeemed a $50 gc for amazon. Sweet!

  3. Are there none of those virus type of spy bottish things associated with this? You know what I mean, I drew a blank on the word... but where it logs everything you do on your computer? What about on your blog, what does the little box log?

    I see this swagbucks is pretty popular- I just don't want to have issues because of it.

  4. Swagbucks is safe, as far as I know. I use it, but I only do the toolbar, poll and survey (not actually DO the surveys, since I never qualify anyway). It's taken 3 months to get 600 swagbucks. :| Whenever I tried using the search engine, I would never win any swagbucks, AND the thing I was searching for wasn't there, or the results just plain sucked. I'm saving up for the money for Paypal. It's kind of stupid, but since I can't buy anything at Amazon anyway (you need a damn credit card, I mean, what the hell?), it's the only thing I can redeem. Plus, Paypal is international.

  5. I only do search (sometimes) and swagcodes and don't do the special offers or surveys. But I've been using it for over a year now and have redeemed over $180 in amazon giftcards.

  6. Is it weird that I didn't even know what swagbucks was until now? haha thanks for teaching me, Lea! :)

  7. I just now started using SB, and redeemed my 1st 5$ amazon card*pats on back* lol now i just have to wait for the code but right now i've racking up some more pts 4 another card YAY!