Monday, May 17, 2010

The Tension of Opposites by Kristina McBride

The Tension of Opposites
Kristina McBride
May 25th, 2010
288 pages
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When Tessa's best friend Noelle disappears right before the start of eight grade, Tessa's life changes completely--she shies away from her other friends and stops eating in the cafeteria. Now, two years later, Noelle has escaped her captivity and is coming home, in one piece but not exactly intact, and definitely different. Tessa's life is about to change again as she tries to revive the best-friendship the two girls had shared before Noelle--now Elle--was kidnapped; puts up a futile resistance to the charming new guy at school; pursues her passion for photography while trying to build the bravado to show her photos to the public; and tries to balance her desire to protect and shelter Elle with the necessity to live her own life and put herself first.
When Noelle, or now Elle, shows up after being kidnapped two years later, Tessa's world begins to change. The girl she used to know just isn't the same: she's harsher, more distant, and even looks different. But Tessa refuses to let their friendship drift away, even when at first Noelle wants nothing to do with her. I can't even imagine what both girls went through, and the people that have actually lived this. On the one side, you've got Tessa, who lost her best friend and consequently felt horrible and guilty about ever living her own life to the fullest. On the other, you have Elle, who lived through a life of hell.

The emotion in The Tension of Opposites is raw, real, and heartbreaking. This story isn't all dark, so fear not romance lovers, because a sweet boy makes an appearance as he tries to get Tessa to not only fall for him, but also live for herself. There are dark moments, but there are also enough cheerful, sweet moments to balance the novel out so you do not get overwhelmed.

Highlights: The plot definitely grabs you, and forces you to pay attention. The pages turn quickly with this debut novel, and McBride keeps you curious as to why Elle didn't escape sooner, and the answer really tugged at my heartstrings. McBride is capable of doing something spectacular: making you care about the characters.

Lowlights: Sometimes, Tessa seemed just a bit too bland. Sure, she was a photographer, but she needed more of a spark, a dash of a bit more personality. I also really wanted more about Elle, and more with the relationship between her and Tessa. 

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  1. I can't WAIT for this book ever since I saw the trailer it's been one I cant wait for, with your review, I cant wait even more! EXCITED!

  2. Awesome review!! "Fear Not, romance lovers!" Lol!! Glad to hear there is a good romance here too :) Thanks for the great review!

  3. "Raw, real, and heartbreaking" : great descriptions :) I haven't tried this one.

  4. The premise for this sounds fascinating. I'm interested to see how the friendship dynamic plays out. I have to also say I'm liking the thought of a romantic element too. Great review.

  5. I read this one as well and LOVED it. Nice review :D

  6. This is coming up soon in my TBR. I agree with Becky- it sounds fascinating! Glad you liked it!

  7. Great review--this book sounds amazing! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it. (Which is saying a lot, since I'm a bit of a fantasy junkie...)