Friday, March 12, 2010

Affiliate News (3) & update

Hey everyone!

Since I didn't announce it last week (in my affiliate post that I forgot to post....oops), I would like to point out that Bookalicious Ramblings is my newest affiliate!

She's totally awesome, and I'm so happy to have her as an affiliate! If you haven't already, you should go check out her blog!!

Also check out Melissa from I Swim For Ocean's Friday Fix interview with Jenn from Book Crazy.

Jenn from Books at Midnight is having a contest for Numbers by Rachel Ward (3 Copies!), so go enter!

The Kirk's from Teens Read and Write have a few awesome reviews this week, so you should go check them out (and don't forget about their MegaBook Giveaway: The Sequel!)

And as for the update, if you haven't seen me lurking on your blog and I usually am, I'm so sorry! I had midterms all week (but I'm done now! Yay!) and I'll try catching up commenting this weekend!



  1. Ahhhh I love Bookalicious Ramblings...such a fun blog! I totally just realized I didn't do an affiliate update last week haha oops! I swear I'm too blonde sometimes. :)

  2. Yay, thanks so much, Lea - I'm honoured to be your affiliate! :D And thanks also to Juju and Melissa - you're too kind! :D

  3. Great blog that will make a great affiliate!

    Thanks for the shout out. We hear you about the commenting time. It's been crazy and we're doing out best to keep visiting too! Hate it when school interrupts my blogging time!

  4. Great blog..Stopping by from Saturday Network. Awesome swag

  5. Thanks for the links to the contests! I'm going over to Bookalicious to check out her blog too. I love finding great new book blogs :)