Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome...and HP 6


This blog has officially begun!

All right, so who saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince?

I went last night, and can I say it was amazing?

Ohhhh yeah. Amazing.

Not only was the acting exceptional (Emma Watson was great in showing that Hermione definitely had a thing for Ron, and what about Tom Felton? Great? Yes!), the story was shown beautifully. The cave was so hauntingly beautiful, I was surprised.

Who loved Lavender? I think every time that she came on screen, I laughed. Her facials are priceless. Cormac was equally entertaining, especially when Slughorn hosts his first dinner party. The "look" he gives Hermione had the entire theater laughing.

This book was definitely cheerful and full of romance, but it was also dark. The movie fit in all of these things so well. Harry's romance with Ginny, the Ron-Lavender-Hermione thing, and then Draco's task all wove together perfectly.

The acting was by far the best in this movie, and I was pleasantly surprised by it.

The ending, however, upset me. I wanted the fight scene, I wanted Fleur and Bill, I wanted the funeral.

Well, there's always next movie I suppose...

Thanks for reading, and Welcome!

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