Friday, August 5, 2011

Sneak Peek of The Lying Game


I received a surprise package from ABC Family recently, and inside I found a copy of Sara Shepard's The Lying Game! But this copy is a bit different than your average bookstore copy... 

Throughout many of the chapter titles, certain letters were underlined in red pen. I went through, wrote down all the underlined letters (I wish all books had fun little hints like this!), and ended up with six words: 

I searched for the words "Secret Sneak Peek" (plus "Lying Game" to make it a quicker search), and it led me to a video clip of the upcoming TV series version of The Lying Game. Watch and enjoy! 

Anyone else excited for this show? I can't wait to see how The Lying Game compares to the book...but seeing how well ABC Family is doing with Pretty Little Liars, I don't think I need to worry at all - it is bound to be awesome! ;)



  1. I need to try these :)

    Sounds like ABC Family is cranking out some good stuff.

  2. Ooo, this sounds EXCITING! You're super lucky to get packages from ABC Family ;) Can't wait!

  3. I have actually read this one unlike Pretty Little Liars, so I will be more excited to see this one premiere.

  4. I LOVED the first Lying Game book so I can't wait to see the TV show as well! Hopefully, it'll be fantastic! :)

  5. Im Loving Pretty Little Liars and I enjoyed The Lying Game , so cant wait to see it on the screen. But , I do know in the series of Lying Game - Emma and Sutton do meet each other which differs from the book.

  6. I am so psyched! I'm curious about the books but not as much as the show. Ahh it sounds/looks so exciting!!